Louisville Beauty Academy – Student Enrollment Procedures

If you are have gone this far, it means that you are serious about considering to start your education with us. Below are steps that you should follow to enroll as it is part of Kentucky state regulation and school accreditation agency requirements:

  1. Review Louisville Beauty Academy school catalog and Fill out an acknowledgement of Information form
  2. Once you are ready for enrollment, fill out school enrollment agreement or student contract
    1. Cosmetology Contract
    2. Esthetic Contract
    3. Nail Technology Contract
    4. Instructor (Cosmetology/Esthetic/Nail) Contract
  3. Have the following document available before scheduling an appointment with school enrollment director
    1. Driver license or state ID
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Proof of high school diploma or equivalent
    4. Check with required deposit amount for designated program
    5. Proof of certification for the program if you sign up for an instructor program
  4. Prepare to learn and have fun with our instructors and other students.