Who is Di Tran? Exploring the Life and Books of a Prolific Author and our Founder of Louisville Beauty Academy

Di Tran, the visionary founder of Louisville Beauty Academy, is not only a leader in education but also a prolific author. His online author page boasts a collection of over 10 books, covering a diverse range of topics including life, business, beauty, spirituality, and more.

Di Tran’s journey is as remarkable as it is inspiring. Born in Vietnam, he immigrated to the United States with his family in 1995, facing the challenges of a new country and culture. Despite these obstacles, Di Tran pursued higher education, earning degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, and later pursuing a PhD(ABD) in IT Management.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish the Louisville Beauty Academy in 2016, a testament to his commitment to empowering individuals through education. The academy has since helped hundreds of students secure employment in the beauty industry.

In addition to his work in education, Di Tran is a dedicated advocate for immigrant communities and diversity. He has run for political office, aiming to amplify the voices of immigrants, particularly those from Asian communities like his own. He also co-chairs various Diversity and Inclusion boards and committees, including the Louisville Independent Business Alliance and the Rotary Club of Louisville.

Di Tran’s books are a reflection of his deep-rooted values and experiences, offering insightful perspectives on personal growth, professional development, and spiritual enlightenment. Whether you’re seeking practical advice for navigating life’s challenges or looking to expand your knowledge in the beauty industry, Di Tran’s books provide valuable insights and inspiration.

His books are not just about imparting knowledge; they are a testament to his unwavering commitment to empower and uplift others. Through his writing, Di Tran shares his journey, wisdom, and lessons learned, encouraging readers to pursue their dreams with passion and purpose.

Discover the transformative power of Di Tran’s books by visiting his author page online. With new titles regularly added to his collection, there’s always something inspiring to explore. Dive into Di Tran’s world of words and let his wisdom guide you on your own journey of personal and professional growth.

Here is a list of Di Tran’s books along with brief descriptions

  1. Drop the “ME” and Focus on the “OTHERS”: The Power of Gratitude – A book that explores the transformative power of gratitude and its impact on personal and professional life.
  2. ABC of Empowerment: Affirmations for a Bright and Confident Future – A guide to cultivating gratitude and growth through daily affirmations.
  3. The Healing Power of Beauty Services – Explores the therapeutic potential of beauty services in mental wellness.
  4. Simple English Communication for Beauty Professionals – A visual guide to effective communication for beauty professionals.
  5. Serving: The Foundation of a Fulfilling Life – A book that emphasizes the importance of serving others in finding fulfillment.
  6. Effective Communication in the Salon Environment – A guide for beauty professionals on effective communication in the salon.
  7. FEEL IT: Embracing Life’s Spectrum Through the Soul’s Expansion – Explores embracing life’s spectrum through spiritual growth.
  8. Zero Judgement: The Path to a Fulfilling Life – A guide to living a fulfilling life by letting go of judgment.
  9. Humanization: A Journey to the Core of Being – Explores the journey to the core of one’s being.
  10. CARE: The Foundation of Action – A book that emphasizes the importance of care in taking action.
  11. BELIEF: Unleashing the Infinite Power of Belief – A journey to purpose and fulfillment through the power of belief.
  12. Mastering the Craft: A Journey to Professional Nail Technician – A comprehensive guide to building a rewarding career as a nail technician.
  13. Drop the FEAR and Focus on the FAITH – A guide to embracing change and unleashing potential through faith.
  14. My God is my PEACE – A journey to finding spiritual center in a chaotic world.
  15. Mastering the Art of Microblading – A comprehensive guide for professionals and enthusiasts in the art of microblading.
  16. Louisville Beauty Academy Student Catalog – A catalog of courses and programs offered at Louisville Beauty Academy.
  17. The Complete Guide to Eyelash Extensions – A comprehensive guide to artistry, safety, and business essentials for building a lashing career.
  18. Beauty Business Brilliance – A comprehensive marketing guide for salon owners and beauty professionals.
  19. Value in Every Letter – An alphabetical guide to business and beyond.
  20. Nailed It! A Handbook for Nail Technicians – A step-by-step practical guide for professional nail services.
  21. Grateful Echoes: ABC Affirmations and Artful Prayers for Young Souls – ABC affirmations and prayers for young souls.
  22. The Robotic Labyrinth: A Tran Family Adventure – A journey through faith, unity, and the wonders of discovery.
  23. Guiding Lights: A Journey of Courage, Compassion, and Faith – Discovering enduring bonds and timeless wisdom amidst life’s convolution.
  24. The Great Candy Kingdom Adventure: Timmy’s Sweet Quest – A journey to the sugar-coated realm of the Candy Kingdom.

These books cover a wide range of topics, from personal development to professional skills, making them valuable resources for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and improve their life.


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Celebrating Women’s Legacy in Kentucky’s Beauty Industry

From The Salon to the Track

Kentucky’s Louisville Beauty Academy stands as a beacon of empowerment and cultural celebration, particularly during the festive times of the Kentucky Derby. The Academy, which has graduated over a thousand students—many of whom are now self-employed or own their salons—plays a pivotal role in shaping the local beauty industry. The connection between the nail services provided by these graduates and the Derby festivities highlights an important cultural narrative that deserves recognition.

The Asian Influence in Kentucky’s Nail Salons

The predominance of nail salons owned by the Vietnamese and other Asian communities in Kentucky is not just a local phenomenon but a national trend that began in the 1970s. It was sparked by an act of kindness by actress Tippi Hedren, who taught Vietnamese women in a refugee camp in California the art of manicures. This gesture has since blossomed into a thriving industry dominated by Vietnamese Americans, shaping the beauty landscape of the nation, including Kentucky.

These salons are more than just places of business; they are community hubs where the rich cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit of the Asian community are on vibrant display. This is especially evident during the Derby, where nail services become a crucial part of the celebrations, akin to the event’s traditional hats and bourbon.

Women Leading the Way

The nail salon industry not only empowers women economically but also highlights the significant roles they play within their families and communities. Many salon owners are mothers who balance leadership in business with family responsibilities, showcasing the resilience and leadership of Vietnamese women and their substantial contributions to both their homeland and their new communities in the U.S.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite their success, the Asian beauty community in Kentucky has faced significant challenges, including targeted actions by regulatory bodies that have raised concerns about fairness and representation. This led to robust advocacy efforts, which were instrumental in the passing of Senate Bill 14, ensuring that nail technicians and aestheticians have representation on the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology.

Legislative Milestones

The introduction of Senate Bill 14 was a landmark achievement for inclusivity within Kentucky’s beauty industry. The appointment of Lianna Simpson Nguyen as the first Vietnamese-American woman and nail technician school owner on the board marked a pivotal moment in recognizing the contributions of a broader demographic within the industry’s governance.

Unity and Advocacy

The collective advocacy by the Vietnamese and Cambodian communities is a prime example of how unity can lead to substantial legislative changes. Their efforts highlight the strength and impact of collaborative actions toward a common goal—fair representation and the cessation of targeted actions against their community.

Derby Celebrations

During the Kentucky Derby, Vietnamese salon owners and nail technicians not only work tirelessly to accommodate the increased demand but also take the time to celebrate this iconic event. They blend hard work with cultural festivities, including traditional Asian dishes and premium drinks, embodying the spirit of being American-made and foreign-born.

The Cultural Tapestry of the Derby’s Nail Industry

The Derby’s nail services illustrate the rich mosaic of cultures that shape this industry. Influenced by both Black and Vietnamese communities, the nail industry in Kentucky offers a range of styles that have become integral to the Derby experience, celebrating the diversity and creativity of the beauty industry.

In conclusion, as we celebrate the 150th Kentucky Derby, it’s essential to recognize and elevate the contributions of the nail industry, particularly the role of women from the Asian community, who have been at the forefront of this beautiful, thriving sector. Louisville Beauty Academy remains committed to empowering future professionals, ensuring that the legacy of beauty, care, and cultural celebration continues to flourish in Kentucky.

As the founder of Louisville Beauty Academy, I, Di Tran, would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the incredible team at Today’s Woman Magazine. Your unwavering support has been a crucial catalyst in empowering women and uplifting small business owners throughout Kentucky. Thank you for your dedication to making a meaningful impact in our community.
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Louisville Beauty Academy: Pioneering Simplicity in Beauty Education with ONLINE COURSES

In the bustling heart of Louisville, Kentucky, the Louisville Beauty Academy stands out as a beacon of innovative and streamlined education within the beauty industry. This state-licensed and accredited college operates across two campuses in Louisville, KY, embodying a philosophy of adaptability, consistent self-improvement, and a focus on practical, immediate application.

Educational Philosophy

The Louisville Beauty Academy is committed to simplicity in learning. This approach involves cutting out superfluous information and focusing solely on the essential aspects of each subject. The coursework is designed to be short, concise, and direct, urging students to “use now, act now, practice now, and live now.” This philosophy ensures that students are not just prepared to pass licensing exams but are equipped to excel in real-world settings from the moment they step out of the classroom.

Comprehensive ONLINE Course Offerings

The academy offers a variety of online courses aimed at beauty professionals, educators, and service professionals, emphasizing the practical application of skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Here are some highlighted courses that reflect the academy’s commitment to practical and immediate education:

For Beauty Professionals

  • Effective Conflict Handling in the Beauty Industry (10 hours, Free): Teaches key conflict resolution techniques to help maintain a positive work environment.
  • Ensuring Safety and Hygiene in Hair Salons (10 hours, Free): Covers essential salon hygiene and safety protocols.
  • Advanced Safety and Sanitation Techniques for Esthetician Professionals (10 hours, Free): Focuses on infection control and legal compliance.
  • Essential Infection Control and Safety for Nail Technicians (10 hours, Free): Offers comprehensive training on nail salon safety.

For Financial Mastery

  • Mastering Financials: Budgeting for Beauty Business Success (19 hours, Free): Provides tools and strategies for effective budgeting in various beauty business settings.

For Online Mastery

  • Launching Your Free Online Presence for Beauty and Health Services (12 hours, Free): A collaborative course with the Louisville Institute of Technology to help professionals establish an effective online presence.

For Personal and Professional Development

  • Building Resilience and Well-being for Service Professionals and Community Workers (6 hours, Free): Focuses on stress management and communication enhancement.
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Preparing Educators for a Caring and Loving Classroom (3 hours, Free): Teaches strategies for self-care and mindfulness to educators.

Specialized Offerings

  • Navigating Kentucky State Law for Beauty Licensees (30-40 hours, Free): A deep dive into licensing, compliance, and ethics in the beauty industry.
  • Kentucky Nail Tech Exam Prep: 300+ Questions in English with Spanish and Vietnamese Translations (Free): A robust preparation tool for the Kentucky State Nail Tech exam.

Continuing Education for Licensing and Improvement

Several courses are tailored for educators and practitioners who need to meet continuing education requirements for licensing or who aim to continually improve their professional skills:

  • Blended Education: Online Teaching Strategies for Educators (3 hours, $35): Enhances engagement and learning in virtual classrooms.
  • Compassionate and Effective Teaching in a Multicultural Beauty Education Environment (3 hours, $35): Prepares educators to work effectively in diverse settings.

A Model for the Future

The Louisville Beauty Academy exemplifies how educational institutions can adapt to the modern needs of students and professionals. By focusing on essential, applicable knowledge and skills, and providing a range of free to low-cost courses, the academy not only meets the current demands of the beauty industry but sets a precedent for how specialized education can be effectively delivered. As the academy continues to expand its course offerings, its impact on the beauty industry and beyond is sure to grow, fostering a new generation of well-prepared, adaptable professionals.

P.S. Please note that course offerings, costs, and content at Louisville Beauty Academy are subject to change, sometimes weekly or even daily. We recommend checking our website frequently for the most current information.

Louisville Beauty Academy Champions the Integration of Beauty and Health Services, Emphasizing Mental Health and Wellness

In a significant development for the beauty industry, Louisville Beauty Academy, a Kentucky State-Licensed and State-Accredited Beauty College with campuses in Louisville, is leading the charge in the convergence of beauty services and health care, particularly mental health and wellness. With the release of “The Healing Power of Beauty Services,” authored by Di Tran, the academy is reinforcing its commitment to this integration, which is set to shape the future of the industry.

The book highlights the therapeutic aspects of beauty services, especially focusing on treatments such as manicures and pedicures, which are now recognized not just for their aesthetic benefits but for their potential to significantly enhance mental wellness. This recognition is timely, as the beauty industry stands at the forefront, evolving to meet the growing health needs of the community.

Louisville Beauty Academy - Kentucky State Senator Reginald Thomas - Senate Bill 14
Louisville Beauty Academy – Kentucky State Senator Reginald Thomas – Senate Bill 14

In an exciting legislative development, Senator Reginald Thomas has played a pivotal role in advancing this integration. His advocacy for the inclusion of specialized expertise for Nail Technicians and Skincare Estheticians through Senate Bill 14 marks a significant step toward recognizing the vital role these professions play in the health and well-being of Kentuckians. This legislation not only acknowledges but also elevates the importance of licensed professionals in the beauty industry, linking it directly to broader health outcomes.

Louisville Beauty Academy is not just an educational institution; it is a vibrant community advocate. The Academy is deeply committed to serving not only the beauty industry but also the broader community, especially underrepresented populations such as the elderly, disabled, and immigrants. Our programs are designed to develop skilled professionals who are not only adept at beauty techniques but are also compassionate caregivers who understand the profound impact of their work on the mental and physical health of their clients.

Our involvement goes beyond the classroom and salon settings. We actively participate in community events, from Kentucky Derby celebrations to daily wellness interactions, emphasizing that beauty is a universal need transcending luxury and common daily routines. In doing so, Louisville Beauty Academy helps to add jobs, support local employment, and strengthen the workforce in Louisville and the state of Kentucky, reinforcing the economic fabric of our community.

As we move forward, under the guidance of God and governed by the laws of this beautiful country and state, Louisville Beauty Academy continues to foster an environment of love, care, and service. We are honored to lead and be at the forefront of this transformative movement, dedicated to uplifting each other and enhancing the lives of all Americans, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented.

By embracing the dual roles of beauty and health service providers, Louisville Beauty Academy remains committed to the vision of a healthier, more beautiful community, where every individual has the opportunity to feel their best, inside and out. We invite all to join us in this noble endeavor, as we continue to innovate, educate, and serve under the banner of beauty, health, and wellness.


🌟 Exciting News from Louisville Beauty Academy! 🌟 We’re thrilled to announce the release of “The Healing Power of Beauty Services” by Di Tran. This insightful book explores the profound impact of beauty services on:

  • Mental Health: Reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
  • Physical Health: Enhancing appearance and boosting self-confidence.
  • Connection Health: Improving human interactions through personal care.
  • Humanization Health: Fostering a sense of well-being and personal value.

We are proud to also announce our partnership with Kentucky Pharmacy, your local Louisville Kentucky state-licensed independent pharmacy. This collaboration ensures that our community has seamless access to medication assistance with just a text away and engages in health discussions and topics.

At Louisville Beauty Academy, we’re dedicated to continuous learning and empowering our community with the latest in beauty and health, especially mental health. Interested in how beauty can enhance well-being? 📚✨

📞 Text our enrollment department at 502-625-5531 to learn more about our programs, and text Kentucky Pharmacy at [Pharmacy’s Contact Number] for your medication needs!

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Cosmetology School: Your Gateway to a Legal and Professional Beauty Career

Understanding the Essence of Cosmetology Education

Cosmetology school, often referred to as beauty school, is a specialized institution designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and certifications necessary to excel in the beauty industry. It’s a place where aspiring beauty professionals receive hands-on training in various disciplines such as hair styling, nail technology, skincare, makeup artistry, and more. But beyond the surface-level allure, cosmetology school is a crucial step in ensuring that individuals meet the legal and professional standards required to practice in the field.

The Legal Landscape of Beauty Services

In the State of Kentucky, as in most states, it is illegal to perform any beauty service without a proper license. This regulation is in place to protect the public from unqualified practitioners who could potentially harm clients due to a lack of proper training and knowledge. Licensing ensures that professionals have undergone rigorous training and adhere to sanitation and safety standards, ultimately safeguarding the well-being of clients.

Why Cosmetology School is Considered Post-Secondary Education

Cosmetology school is classified as post-secondary education because it provides specialized training beyond high school, preparing students for a specific career path. It’s important to understand that cosmetology is not just about beauty; it’s a profession that requires a deep understanding of anatomy, chemistry, and even psychology to provide safe and effective services. Therefore, cosmetology education is recognized by law as a vital step in ensuring that beauty professionals are competent and qualified to practice.

Is Cosmetology School a College?

While cosmetology schools are not traditional colleges, they are specialized institutions that offer comprehensive training in the beauty industry. They are often referred to as “Clock Hour” colleges because, unlike traditional degree programs, the curriculum is based on clock hours. This means that students must complete a specific number of hands-on training hours to meet state licensing requirements. This approach is similar to clocking in for work, emphasizing the practical, career-focused nature of the education.

Can Cosmetology School Count Towards a Degree?

In some cases, the credits earned in cosmetology school can be transferred towards a degree program, especially if the school has articulation agreements with local community colleges or universities. This provides students with the opportunity to further their education and potentially expand their career opportunities within the beauty industry or related fields.

Conclusion: The Importance of Licensed Beauty Education

In conclusion, cosmetology school is much more than just a place to learn about beauty. It’s a legally recognized post-secondary institution that provides the necessary training for individuals to become licensed professionals in the beauty industry. By adhering to the state’s legal requirements and completing the required clock hours, aspiring beauty professionals can ensure they are fully prepared to provide safe and high-quality services, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the world of beauty.


At Louisville Beauty Academy, we are proud to offer a range of online courses designed for both personal growth and professional development. These courses provide an opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in the beauty industry from the comfort of their own home.

However, it’s important to note that according to Kentucky State Law as of 2024, online clock hours do not qualify for licensing by the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology. The Board specifically requires that all clock hours for licensing purposes be completed through on-site study. We encourage students to consider this regulation when planning their educational journey in the beauty industry.


Louisville Beauty Academy - Mental and Physical Wellness

Louisville Beauty Academy: Where Beauty Education Transcends into Therapy

Louisville Beauty Academy stands out as a beacon of excellence in the realm of beauty education. As a Kentucky state-licensed and state-accredited beauty college, it offers a comprehensive array of beauty programs, including Nail Technology, Hair, Skincare, Shampoo and Styling, Instructor training, Eyelash Extension, and Microblading. What sets this academy apart is its founder, Di Tran, who envisions the beauty industry as not just about enhancing outer beauty but also about nurturing inner well-being.

With a chain of nail salons under his belt, Di Tran has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of beauty services, particularly nail services like manicures and pedicures. These services are not just about grooming; they are about creating a space for physical and mental rejuvenation. In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, where stress and anxiety are commonplace, nail services have emerged as a form of therapy, offering a moment of respite and relaxation.

What makes nail services unique is the human touch involved. Unlike other beauty services where tools or machines are used, nail services require direct contact with another human being. This physical connection goes beyond mere grooming; it fosters a sense of connection and shared energy. As professionals and clients engage in nail services, they communicate not just through words but also through body language and spiritual energy, creating a holistic experience that nurtures both the body and the soul.

Recent studies have also shed light on the therapeutic benefits of nail services. Researchers have found that the act of receiving a manicure or pedicure can reduce stress, anxiety, and even symptoms of depression. The touch involved in these services triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes feelings of bonding and reduces stress levels. Moreover, the act of caring for one’s nails can instill a sense of self-care and empowerment, boosting one’s confidence and overall well-being.

At Louisville Beauty Academy, students are not just trained to perform beauty services; they are trained to understand the profound impact these services can have on an individual’s mental and physical health. The academy’s curriculum goes beyond technical skills, emphasizing the importance of empathy, communication, and creating a nurturing environment for clients.

In conclusion, Louisville Beauty Academy stands as a testament to the transformative power of beauty education. Through its holistic approach to beauty training, it is shaping a new generation of beauty professionals who understand that beauty is not just skin deep; it is a profound form of therapy that can uplift and rejuvenate both the body and the soul.



Louisville Beauty Academy: Un Faro de Inclusividad y Excelencia, Celebrando la Cobertura de Spectrum News y la Aprobación Unánime del Proyecto de Ley del Senado 14

Louisville, KY – En el corazón del panorama educativo de belleza de Kentucky se encuentra Louisville Beauty Academy, una academia de belleza con licencia estatal y acreditada que está expandiendo rápidamente su alcance. Con un segundo campus en el horizonte y una tasa de graduación del 95%, la academia ya ha graduado a más de 1,000 estudiantes, estableciéndose como un faro de excelencia en la industria.

Fundada por Di Tran, un visionario con una profunda creencia en valores orientados a la familia y el mejoramiento comunitario, Louisville Beauty Academy es más que solo una escuela. Es un santuario donde las poblaciones subrepresentadas, especialmente los nuevos inmigrantes con habilidades limitadas en inglés, encuentran un ambiente seguro, de apoyo y guiado. La academia se dedica a elevar a las personas a través de carreras en belleza, asegurando que cada graduado, independientemente de su origen, se sienta protegido y valorado.

Esta semana, Spectrum News de Louisville arrojó luz sobre la naturaleza diversa e inclusiva de la academia, destacando a su fundador, instructores y estudiantes. La cobertura resaltó la experiencia de la escuela en varios campos de belleza, incluyendo tecnología de uñas, cuidado de la piel, cosmetología y formación de instructores. Louisville Beauty Academy se destaca como un testimonio del poder de la diversidad, con estudiantes y personal que representan una amplia gama de razas, idiomas y experiencias.

Entre los estudiantes entrevistados por Spectrum News se encuentra Diana Vega, una estudiante de la comunidad latina que destaca en el programa de técnico de uñas. Su presencia y éxito en la academia reflejan el compromiso de Louisville Beauty Academy con la inclusión y el apoyo a todas las comunidades.

El reciente paso del Proyecto de Ley del Senado 14, que la academia ha apoyado ardientemente, marca un hito significativo en la historia de la industria de la belleza. Abogado por el senador demócrata de la minoría Reggie Thomas, uno de los únicos tres senadores negros en el Senado del Estado de Kentucky, el proyecto de ley fue percibido inicialmente como dirigido únicamente a la comunidad asiática. Sin embargo, es una legislación para todos, con el objetivo de crear una industria de la belleza más inclusiva y equitativa.

Louisville Beauty Academy es única en su compromiso de satisfacer las demandas y necesidades de la comunidad. A diferencia de muchas escuelas que se centran principalmente en cosmetología debido a la disponibilidad de ayuda financiera federal, la academia ofrece una amplia gama de campos con licencia, incluidos técnico de uñas, esteticista, cosmetólogo, instructor, champú y estilista, extensión de pestañas y más. Al ofrecer programas cortos, la academia ayuda a más personas a embarcarse en carreras exitosas en belleza.

Extendemos nuestra más sincera gratitud a todos los que han apoyado y continúan apoyando la industria de la belleza, Louisville Beauty Academy y todos los profesionales de la belleza. Juntos, estamos forjando un futuro más brillante para el panorama educativo de belleza en Kentucky.



Louisville Beauty Academy: A Beacon of Inclusivity and Excellence, Celebrating Spectrum News Coverage and the Unanimous Passage of Senate Bill 14

Louisville, KY – At the heart of Kentucky’s beauty education landscape stands the Louisville Beauty Academy, a state-licensed and accredited beauty college that is rapidly expanding its reach. With a second campus on the horizon and a graduation rate of 95%, the academy has already graduated over 1,000 students, establishing itself as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

Founded by Di Tran, a visionary with a deep-seated belief in family-oriented values and community upliftment, Louisville Beauty Academy is more than just a school. It’s a sanctuary where underrepresented populations, particularly new immigrants with limited English skills, find a safe, supportive, and guided environment. The academy is dedicated to elevating individuals through beauty careers, ensuring that every graduate, regardless of their background, feels protected and valued.

This week, Spectrum News of Louisville shone a spotlight on the diverse and inclusive nature of the academy, featuring its founder, instructors, and students. The coverage highlighted the school’s expertise in various beauty fields, including nail technology, skincare, cosmetology, and instructor training. Louisville Beauty Academy stands out as a testament to the power of diversity, with students and staff representing a wide range of races, languages, and expertise.

The recent passage of Senate Bill 14, which the academy has ardently supported, marks a significant milestone in the beauty industry’s history. Championed by minority party Democrat Senator Reggie Thomas, one of only three Black senators in the Kentucky State Senate, the bill was initially perceived as catering solely to the Asian community. However, it is a legislation for all, aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable beauty industry.

Louisville Beauty Academy is unique in its commitment to meeting community demands and needs. Unlike many schools that focus primarily on cosmetology due to federal financial aid availability, the academy offers a wide range of licensed fields, including nail technician, aesthetician, cosmetologist, instructor, shampoo and stylist, eyelash extension, and more. By offering short programs, the academy helps more individuals embark on successful beauty careers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported and continue to support the beauty industry, Louisville Beauty Academy, and all beauty professionals. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the beauty education landscape in Kentucky.




Senate Bill 14 Passed all stages at 03-25-2024 5pm

Entendiendo el Senado Bill 14: Un Nuevo Capítulo para la Industria de la Belleza de Kentucky

El 25 de marzo de 2024, se aprobó por unanimidad un importante proyecto de ley, el Senado Bill 14, por la Asamblea General de Kentucky, marcando una nueva era para los profesionales de la belleza en todo el estado. Esta ley, meticulosamente guiada a través del proceso legislativo por el senador Reginald Thomas, tiene como objetivo refinar y mejorar el marco regulatorio que rige la industria de la belleza, con un enfoque particular en la cosmetología, prácticas estéticas y tecnología de uñas.

Aspectos destacados del Senado Bill 14:

  • Alcance de la Práctica: El proyecto de ley delimita claramente los límites de la práctica para la cosmetología, prácticas estéticas y tecnología de uñas, asegurando que estas profesiones se centren únicamente en propósitos cosméticos y no en el tratamiento de dolencias físicas o mentales.
  • Requisitos de Licencia: Reafirma que las personas deben obtener las licencias apropiadas para participar en cosmetología, prácticas estéticas o tecnología de uñas para el público o por consideración, manteniendo así los estándares profesionales.
  • Ampliación de la Composición de la Junta: La Junta de Cosmetología de Kentucky ahora incluirá siete miembros, con representación específica para técnicos de uñas y esteticistas con licencia, asegurando una representación más amplia de la industria de la belleza.
  • Poderes de Emergencia y Ejecución: La junta está facultada para tomar medidas de emergencia para proteger la salud pública y la seguridad y puede referir violaciones a las autoridades legales para su enjuiciamiento.
  • Reevaluación para Solicitantes de Técnicos de Uñas: Se permite a los solicitantes de técnicos de uñas que reprueben una prueba teórica escrita o una demostración práctica oral volver a tomar esa parte después de un mes desde la fecha de recibir la notificación del fracaso.
  • Uso de Raspadores de Callos: El proyecto de ley permite explícitamente el uso de raspadores de callos para la eliminación de callos por instructores, estudiantes, cosmetólogos y técnicos de uñas, proporcionando claridad sobre las prácticas permitidas.

El Senado Bill 14 es un testimonio de los esfuerzos colaborativos de legisladores, profesionales de la industria y partes interesadas que han trabajado incansablemente para garantizar que la industria de la belleza de Kentucky continúe prosperando mientras mantiene altos estándares de profesionalismo y seguridad. Esta legislación no solo fortalece el marco regulatorio sino que también allana el camino para una estructura de gobernanza más inclusiva y representativa dentro de la industria de la belleza.


La sección eliminada otorgaba a la Junta de Cosmetología de Kentucky fuertes poderes para hacer cumplir las reglas, pero también tenía el potencial de ser mal utilizada. Aquí hay una explicación más sencilla:

  • Acciones Legales: La junta podría llevar a la corte a personas o lugares que rompan las reglas. Sin embargo, este poder podría ser mal utilizado para atacar ciertos negocios de manera injusta, como cerrar salones de uñas en el lugar durante las inspecciones sin una causa adecuada.
  • Órdenes de Emergencia: La junta podría actuar rápidamente para detener situaciones peligrosas. Pero esto podría ser abusado si, por ejemplo, un salón se cerrara de inmediato basado en reclamos no verificados, causando daño al negocio.
  • Demandas y Cargos Criminales: La junta podría demandar o acusar a los infractores de reglas con delitos. Sin embargo, había preocupaciones de que este poder se usara de manera dura contra ciertos negocios, como retrasar sus apelaciones durante meses con la intención de causar daño.

Al eliminar esta sección, la capacidad de la junta para hacer cumplir las reglas permanece, pero hay menos posibilidades de que estos poderes se usen indebidamente contra negocios como salones de uñas.


La cláusula añadida en la legislación tiene como objetivo hacer las cosas más justas y reducir las posibilidades de que la junta use mal su poder. Así es cómo:

  • Órdenes de Emergencia: Antes de que la junta pueda emitir una orden de emergencia para cerrar un salón, debe tener evidencia sólida o una muy buena razón para creer que hay un peligro real para la salud pública, la seguridad o el bienestar. Esto significa que no pueden simplemente cerrar un salón sin una razón sólida.
  • Procedimientos de Audiencia: Si la junta emite una orden de emergencia, debe seguir ciertas reglas para decidir si el salón puede reabrir. Esto le da al salón una oportunidad justa para presentar su caso.
  • Avisos de Advertencia: Antes de tomar una acción seria contra un salón que de otra manera sigue la ley, la junta debe dar un aviso de advertencia. Este aviso debe explicar claramente qué hizo mal el salón y qué necesita hacer para solucionarlo. De esta manera, el salón tiene la oportunidad de corregir el problema antes de enfrentar penalidades más duras.
  • Acciones Legales: La junta todavía puede tomar acciones legales contra alguien que rompa las reglas, pero tiene que hacerlo a través del sistema judicial en el condado donde ocurrió el problema. Esto asegura que el proceso sea transparente y justo.
  • Referir Violaciones: La junta puede referir violaciones a autoridades legales como fiscales del condado o el Fiscal General, pero esto no significa un castigo inmediato. Permite que tenga lugar un proceso legal adecuado.
  • Uso de Raspadores de Callos: La junta no puede hacer reglas que impidan a instructores, estudiantes, cosmetólogos o técnicos de uñas usar raspadores de callos para eliminar callos. Esto les da a los profesionales la libertad de usar las herramientas que necesitan para su trabajo.

En general, estos cambios tienen como objetivo asegurar que las acciones de la junta se basen en evidencia real y que los profesionales de la belleza tengan una oportunidad justa para responder a cualquier acusación u orden.


Malentendido: El proyecto de ley era solo para asiáticos, específicamente para técnicos de uñas y propietarios de salones vietnamitas y camboyanos.


  • El proyecto de ley es para todos los estadounidenses, promoviendo la equidad en la industria de la belleza.
  • Su objetivo es incluir a los técnicos de uñas y esteticistas en la junta reguladora para una mejor representación.
  • Permite que todos los candidatos vuelvan a tomar los exámenes de licencia dentro de un tiempo especificado hasta que aprueben, asegurando igualdad de oportunidades.
  • El proyecto de ley destaca las contribuciones significativas de la comunidad inmigrante a la economía y la sociedad de Kentucky.
  • Louisville Beauty Academy ha graduado a más de 1,000 estudiantes, la mayoría de los cuales son inmigrantes de todo el mundo. En cualquier día dado, puede haber hablantes de más de cinco idiomas diferentes en una clase.
  • El proyecto de ley apoya el desarrollo de la fuerza laboral, permitiendo que más personas trabajen de manera segura y rápida en la industria de la belleza.
  • Asegura un trato justo y protección para los profesionales de la belleza y promueve la responsabilidad para aquellos en posiciones de poder.
  • El proyecto de ley es sobre todos los estadounidenses, enfatizando la inclusividad y la diversidad en la industria de la belleza.



Senate Bill 14 Passed all stages at 03-25-2024 5pm

Understanding Senate Bill 14: A New Chapter for Kentucky’s Beauty Industry

On March 25, 2024, a significant piece of legislation, Senate Bill 14, was unanimously passed by the Kentucky General Assembly, heralding a new era for beauty professionals across the state. This act, meticulously shepherded through the legislative process by Senator Reginald Thomas, aims to refine and enhance the regulatory framework governing the beauty industry, with a particular focus on cosmetology, esthetic practices, and nail technology.

Key Highlights of Senate Bill 14:

  1. Scope of Practice: The bill clearly delineates the boundaries of practice for cosmetology, esthetic practices, and nail technology, ensuring that these professions are solely focused on cosmetic purposes and not on treating physical or mental ailments.
  2. Licensing Requirements: It reaffirms that individuals must obtain the appropriate licenses to engage in cosmetology, esthetic practices, or nail technology for the public or for consideration, thereby upholding professional standards.
  3. Expanded Board Composition: The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology will now include seven members, with specific representation for licensed nail technicians and estheticians, ensuring a broader representation of the beauty industry.
  4. Emergency Powers and Enforcement: The board is empowered to take emergency actions to protect public health and safety and can refer violations to legal authorities for prosecution.
  5. Retesting for Nail Technician Applicants: Nail technician applicants who fail a written theory test or an oral practical demonstration are allowed to retake that portion after one month from the date of receiving notice of the failure.
  6. Use of Callus Graters: The bill explicitly permits the use of callus graters for callus removal by instructors, students, cosmetologists, and nail technicians, providing clarity on permissible practices.

Senate Bill 14 is a testament to the collaborative efforts of legislators, industry professionals, and stakeholders who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Kentucky’s beauty industry continues to thrive while maintaining high standards of professionalism and safety. This legislation not only strengthens the regulatory framework but also paves the way for a more inclusive and representative governance structure within the beauty industry.


The removed section gave the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology strong powers to enforce rules, but it also had the potential for misuse. Here’s a simpler explanation:

  1. Legal Actions: The board could take people or places breaking the rules to court. However, this power could be misused to target certain businesses unfairly, like closing down nail salons on the spot during inspections without proper cause.
  2. Emergency Orders: The board could quickly act to stop dangerous situations. But this could be abused if, for example, a salon was shut down immediately based on unverified claims, causing harm to the business.
  3. Lawsuits and Criminal Charges: The board could sue or charge rule-breakers with crimes. However, there were concerns that this power was used harshly against certain businesses, like delaying their appeals for months with the intention of causing harm.

By removing this section, the board’s ability to enforce rules remains, but there’s less chance for these powers to be misused against businesses like nail salons.


The added clause in the legislation aims to make things fairer and reduce the chances of the board misusing its power. Here’s how:

  1. Emergency Orders: Before the board can issue an emergency order to shut down a salon, they must have strong evidence or a very good reason to believe that there’s a real danger to public health, safety, or welfare. This means they can’t just close down a salon without a solid reason.
  2. Hearing Procedures: If the board does issue an emergency order, they have to follow certain rules to decide if the salon can reopen. This gives the salon a fair chance to make their case.
  3. Warning Notices: Before taking serious action against a salon that’s otherwise following the law, the board has to give a warning notice. This notice must clearly explain what the salon did wrong and what they need to do to fix it. This way, the salon has a chance to correct the issue before facing harsher penalties.
  4. Legal Actions: The board can still take legal action against someone breaking the rules, but they have to do it through the court system in the county where the problem happened. This ensures that the process is transparent and fair.
  5. Referring Violations: The board can refer violations to legal authorities like county attorneys or the Attorney General, but this doesn’t mean immediate punishment. It allows for a proper legal process to take place.
  6. Use of Callus Graters: The board can’t make rules that stop instructors, students, cosmetologists, or nail technicians from using callus graters for removing calluses. This gives professionals the freedom to use the tools they need for their work.

Overall, these changes aim to make sure that the board’s actions are based on real evidence and that beauty professionals have a fair chance to respond to any accusations or orders.


  • Misconception: The bill was only for Asians, specifically Vietnamese and Cambodian nail technicians and salon owners.
  • Reality:
    • The bill is for all Americans, promoting fairness in the beauty industry.
    • It aims to include nail technicians and estheticians on the regulatory board for better representation.
    • It allows all candidates to retake licensing exams within a specified time until they pass, ensuring equal opportunities.
    • The bill highlights the significant contributions of the immigrant community to Kentucky’s economy and society.
    • Louisville Beauty Academy has graduated over 1,000 students, the majority of whom are immigrants from all around the world. On any given day, there can be speakers of more than five different languages in a class.
    • The bill supports workforce development, enabling more people to work safely and quickly in the beauty industry.
    • It ensures fair treatment and protection for beauty professionals and promotes accountability for those in positions of power.
    • The bill is about all Americans, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry.