Louisville Beauty Academy - Own your own franchised beauty school today

US Franchise Application

Louisville Beauty Academy is looking for franchisees who are dedicated to developing and owning a beauty school within a 15-mile radius. If you’re passionate about workforce development and contributing to the community’s economy through the beauty industry, we want to hear from you.

Submit your information today, and we’ll reach out to you if there’s an opportunity to partner with Louisville Beauty Academy on this exciting journey.

Franchisee Requirements:

To become a franchisee, there are specific net worth and capital requirements you need to meet. Please note that these are minimum requirements and do not encompass the total potential costs associated with opening and operating one or more Papa John’s units.

  1. Minimum Net Worth: You should have a minimum net worth of $500,000.
  2. Cash or Liquid Assets: You must possess a minimum of $250,000 in cash or liquid assets.

Additional Qualifications:

In addition to the financial requirements, we also value certain qualifications that can contribute to your success as a franchisee:

  1. Business Professionals with Management Experience: Having a background in business management is highly beneficial as it equips you with the necessary skills to run a successful franchise.
  2. Beauty Salon and Licensing Experience Preferred: If you have prior experience in the beauty salon industry and familiarity with licensing requirements, it can be advantageous when establishing and managing your beauty school franchise.
  3. Multi-unit Management Experience Preferred: Experience in managing multiple units or locations can be advantageous, as it demonstrates your ability to handle operations on a larger scale and ensures effective oversight of your beauty school franchise.

These qualifications serve as a guide to finding the most suitable franchisees for our brand. If you meet these requirements and possess the desired qualifications, we invite you to explore the opportunity of joining our franchise network.