Creating Smile with Harbor House of Louisville and Louisville Beauty Academy

Louisville Beauty Academy (LBA) stands tall as one of Kentucky’s leading beauty schools, not just for its commitment to professional excellence but for its deeply ingrained values. Established on the foundational principles of flexibility, affordability, professionalism, and compassion, LBA has paved the way for countless individuals, including immigrants with minimal to no English proficiency, to realize their American dream. These individuals transform under LBA’s guidance into proud new Americans and licensed beauty professionals dedicated to serving the diverse populace of the USA.

Di Tran, the visionary founder of LBA, often remarked, “We are in the business of CREATING SMILE.” For him, the beauty industry was not just about appearances; it was about evoking happiness and confidence.

However, this sentiment truly came into perspective when Di Tran met Maria Smith, the dynamic CEO of Harbor House. At first glance, Harbor House, a sanctuary for the disabled, elderly, and other underserved community members, may seem worlds apart from LBA. But the profound similarity between them is palpable: their unwavering dedication to making lives better and brighter.

Di Tran’s visit to Harbor House was nothing short of an epiphany. The staff, despite being in a business that posed its own set of challenges, wore genuine smiles. The clientele, despite their circumstances, mirrored that same joy. This overwhelming aura of positivity and happiness was in complete alignment with what LBA strived to achieve in the beauty sector. Both institutions had a shared mission – to create more smiles, whether through beauty transformations or through community support.

The collaboration between Louisville Beauty Academy and Harbor House is, in itself, a thing of beauty. Two different entities, but with a shared heart and purpose. Together, they underscore the belief that the essence of beauty is not just skin deep, but deeply rooted in happiness, compassion, and community. Their alliance is a testament to the fact that when businesses come together with a shared vision, they can amplify their impact manifold.

In this harmonious collaboration, Harbor House and LBA prove that beauty is not just about aesthetics; it’s about touching lives and “creating more smiles.” The partnership’s beauty resonates with every happy face they nurture, making the world a brighter place, one smile at a time.

P.S.: Central to all these sentiments is the belief in a higher force – whether it’s called God, divine infinity, universal energy, or any other term we use to describe the beauty and power guiding us. This foundation reinforces the essence and purpose of both Louisville Beauty Academy and Harbor House in their noble missions.

Louisville Beauty Academy at Harbor House

Louisville Beauty Academy and Harbor House: A Collaboration of Purpose and Passion

In a world often driven by personal ambition and individual success, it’s rare to find collaborations that speak to the heart of community upliftment and genuine care. The partnership between the Louisville Beauty Academy (LBA) and Harbor House of Louisville Inc. is one such beacon of hope.

The inception of this collaboration was nothing short of serendipitous. A simple meeting between Maria Smith, the CEO of Harbor House of Louisville Inc., and Di Tran, the CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy LLC, led to a transformative moment for both institutions. During a tour of what was soon to be Harbor House’s old building, Di Tran was struck by a profound realization. In his own words, he remarked, “God, these people are beautiful and they are all smiling.” His observation was not just about the ambiance or the infrastructure but the palpable joy emanating from both the staff and the differently-abled residents.

As they navigated the halls, Di Tran shared with Maria, “This is like heaven on earth for me, and I feel like I want to live here.” Coming from a Catholic multi-generational background, Di Tran may not have seen himself as overtly religious. Still, he couldn’t deny the divine grace he felt within Harbor House—an environment where care providers and recipients coexisted in a harmonious blend of happiness and God-given beauty.

Maria Smith, CEO of Harbor House of Louisville and Di Tran CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy and his wife Vy Truong

Di Tran’s journey with the Louisville Beauty Academy started seven years prior with a clear and purposeful vision. He aimed to elevate the underrepresented populations, including immigrants and minorities, to attain professional status as licensed beauty practitioners in Kentucky. Specializing in fields ranging from Cosmetology and Esthetics to Nail Technology and Eyelash Extensions, Di Tran, alongside his dedicated team of instructors and staff, has celebrated the graduation of over 1,000 students. What’s even more commendable is that all these graduates are gainfully employed today.

Upon meeting the passionate team at Harbor House and experiencing the infectious joy of its residents, Di Tran was inspired by another visionary thought. He pondered: If LBA could elevate underserved communities to professional status, why not channel this expertise towards serving other marginalized groups like the differently-abled and the elderly? More so, why not extend these services to the dedicated staff that serves these communities daily?

This spark of inspiration led to the birth of a grand plan: the establishment of the Louisville Beauty Academy’s second location within Harbor House of Louisville Inc.’s new, state-of-the-art $20+ million facility. Both Maria Smith and Di Tran are exhilarated by the potential of this partnership. The blending of LBA’s professional beauty expertise with Harbor House’s ethos of care and community promises to be transformative for all involved.

The journey of this collaboration is a testament to the miracles that can occur when passion meets purpose. As Di Tran reflects and prays daily, “God blesses, that we meet, and so God blesses it to go forward.” This partnership is not just about beauty and care; it’s about community, love, and creating ripples of positive change.

P.S. Stay tuned for more updates! Exciting developments are on the horizon.