Understanding KY Cosmetology Law: Key Regulations for Aspiring Beauty Students – 11-17-2023

In the realm of Kentucky’s beauty industry, regulations set the rhythm for an aspiring esthetician’s career march. The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, through a recent memorandum to licensed Cosmetology Schools, underscores the imperative of compliance, especially concerning the academic credentials of students from abroad and the meticulous tracking of practical training hours.

Academic Credentials: Translation and Validation

For international students, Kentucky law requires that high school diplomas be presented in both their original language and in a translated version. Louisville Beauty Academy goes a step beyond by mandating validation for these documents. This rigorous standard assures that the academic achievements of students are recognized and that they meet the stringent criteria set by accreditation bodies.

The Financial Aspect: Translation and Validation Costs

Students must be aware that translation and validation bear different costs. Translation ensures that the text is accurately converted to English, while validation confirms the credibility of these academic qualifications. Both steps are crucial for students to seamlessly integrate into the beauty education system of Kentucky.

Synchronizing Success: The Biometric Clock Requirement

The memorandum also highlights a technological stride in education: the adoption of a biometric clock for both students and instructors. This system ensures the accurate tracking of educational hours, a critical element for both state compliance and fair educational practices. It’s a commitment to precision and accountability that mirrors the exactness required in beauty treatments like dermaplaning.

Time Management: Adherence to Hourly Limits

Furthermore, students must report their practical hours within the constraints of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. This regulation not only aligns with labor standards but also advocates for a balanced approach to hands-on training.

Professional Skillset: Specialized Procedures

The memorandum also lays out the criteria for teaching and performing specialized procedures, such as dermaplaning, within the curriculum. These skills demand a high level of precision and understanding, mirroring the exacting standards that the Board insists upon.

In Conclusion

The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology’s directive is clear: uphold the standards, respect the process, and embrace the technology that will chart the course of beauty professionals in Kentucky. For students at Louisville Beauty Academy, this translates to a commitment to excellence, beginning with their educational journey and extending into every hour of practical training they log. It’s about crafting a future in beauty that’s as dependable as the biometric systems tracking their progress.

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Louisville Beauty Academy - dermaplaning

The Essential Guide to Dermaplaning for Students and Aspiring Estheticians

In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty and skincare, dermaplaning has emerged as a popular procedure known for its simplicity and effectiveness. For students embarking on a career in cosmetology and laypersons curious about this treatment, understanding the intricacies of dermaplaning is crucial.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic treatment that involves the careful exfoliation of the skin’s surface. Using a sterile surgical blade, a trained professional gently scrapes the topmost layer of skin, removing dead cells, peach fuzz, and debris. This procedure reveals a brighter, smoother complexion beneath the superficial layer.

Educational Path and Training

For students, the journey towards becoming a certified practitioner of dermaplaning begins with a comprehensive education in cosmetology or esthetics. Accredited programs offer both theoretical and practical training, ensuring that students understand the anatomy of the skin, the intricacies of various skin treatments, and the safe handling of tools required for procedures like dermaplaning.

Upon completing their coursework, students must often undergo specific training for dermaplaning, which can include:

  1. Safety and Sanitation: Learning how to maintain a sterile environment to prevent infections.
  2. Technique: Mastering the angle and pressure required to efficiently remove dead skin without causing irritation.
  3. Skin Assessment: Identifying which skin types and conditions are suitable for dermaplaning.

What Aspiring Estheticians Should Know

Before adding dermaplaning to their repertoire, aspiring estheticians should be aware of the following:

  • Certification: Ensure that any advanced classes or certifications in dermaplaning are recognized by the state board of cosmetology.
  • Practice: Like any skill, dermaplaning requires practice. Mannequins and volunteering peers can provide valuable hands-on experience.
  • Scope of Practice: Understand the legal scope of practice in your region, as some states have specific regulations about who can perform dermaplaning.

What Clients and the Public Should Know

If you’re considering dermaplaning, it’s essential to be informed about the procedure:

  • Professionalism: Always seek a licensed professional to perform the treatment. Dermaplaning is not a DIY-friendly procedure due to the risks of using a surgical blade.
  • Benefits: Expect a smoother skin texture, diminished fine lines, and an enhanced skincare routine post-treatment as products penetrate more effectively.
  • Maintenance: Results from dermaplaning are not permanent. Hair and skin cells will naturally regenerate, so regular treatments may be necessary.

Potential Risks

While dermaplaning is safe for most people, it carries potential risks such as:

  • Irritation and Redness: Some skin types may react with temporary redness or sensitivity post-treatment.
  • Breakouts: Those with active acne should avoid dermaplaning, as it can irritate and spread bacteria.


Dermaplaning stands as a testament to the beauty industry’s commitment to innovation and education. For students, mastering this technique opens the door to an array of opportunities in the field of esthetics. For clients, it offers a path to rejuvenated skin. As with any cosmetic procedure, education, expertise, and safety are paramount—principles that hold the well-being of the client in the highest regard. Whether you are a student of cosmetology or someone curious about enhancing your skin’s health and appearance, dermaplaning is a noteworthy addition to the beauty lexicon.

Louisville Beauty Academy: Your Compassionate Guide to Professional Licensing

At the heart of Louisville lies an institution that stands out not just for its educational excellence, but for its unwavering commitment to community support: the Louisville Beauty Academy. Recognized as the epitome of inclusivity and care, this establishment serves as a beacon of hope for many aspiring professionals in Kentucky.

A Fear-Free Environment Stepping into the world of professional licensing can be daunting. With myriad regulations, requirements, and paperwork, the process can seem overwhelming. However, at Louisville Beauty Academy, every student is met with a nurturing and supportive environment. The academy understands these concerns and has created a space where fear is replaced with confidence and apprehension with aspiration.

Serving the Underrepresented The academy’s mission goes beyond just education. It actively seeks to serve the community, especially those who often feel left out of the conversation. Immigrants, especially those with minimal to no English proficiency, can sometimes feel at a disadvantage in pursuing their dreams. But at Louisville Beauty Academy, language is not a barrier—it’s an opportunity. The school proudly partners with agencies that assist in translating documents accepted by the KY state board. This ensures that every student, regardless of their linguistic background, has an equal shot at success.

Always Here for You Got a question? Need clarification on a certain procedure? The enrollment department is just a text away. Reach out to them at 502-625-5541, and you’ll receive prompt assistance. And if you’re someone who prefers face-to-face interactions, the academy welcomes you to tour their facility located at 1049 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204. No need to book an appointment; they understand the unpredictability of life and welcome walk-ins with open arms.

In conclusion, Louisville Beauty Academy is not just a place of learning; it’s a community. It’s a place where dreams are nurtured, barriers are broken, and success stories are born. So, if you’re on the journey to becoming a Kentucky State licensed professional, know that Louisville Beauty Academy is your most supportive, fear-free, and caring one-stop shop.

Louisville Beauty Academy: A Beacon of Hope and Legitimacy for Immigrants

In contemporary society, licensing extends far beyond its fundamental role as a passport to work. In many instances, licensing serves as a testament to the legitimacy, expertise, and dedication of an individual in their chosen field. For immigrants, obtaining a license in a foreign land offers more than just employment opportunities; it provides validation, recognition, and a renewed sense of purpose. Di Tran, the founder and CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy, stands as a shining exemplar of this sentiment.

Di Tran’s journey as a Vietnamese immigrant in the United States showcases the multifaceted significance of licensing. While fortunate to hold degrees in Computer Engineering—a domain that many consider prestigious and lucrative—Di Tran found unparalleled value in acquiring beauty licenses such as nail technology and beauty instructor credentials. For him and many like him, these certifications are not mere paper qualifications but symbols of their hard-earned legitimacy and expertise in the beauty sector.

Louisville Beauty Academy emerged from Di Tran’s personal voyage of understanding and empathy. It is not merely an institution but a sanctuary for immigrants seeking guidance and mentorship in navigating the intricate tapestry of licensing laws and requirements in the beauty industry. The academy specializes in a plethora of fields, ranging from nail technology and cosmetology to esthetics, ensuring that every aspirant finds their niche and purpose.

A recurring theme in several scholarly works underscores the challenges immigrants face when integrating into a new society. In “Strangers in a New Land: The Psychological Journey of Immigrants” by Dr. Julia Martinez, the author highlights the manifold challenges immigrants confront, ranging from linguistic barriers to unfamiliar bureaucratic processes. Similarly, Dr. Paul Collier’s “Exodus: How Migration is Changing Our World” touches upon the importance of institutions and community hubs in aiding immigrants in their endeavors.

Di Tran’s 20+ years of experience spanning multiple domains of licensing, city, and state regulations have equipped him with a deep understanding of the labyrinthine laws. More crucially, it has instilled in him a profound sense of empathy for underrepresented populations, especially immigrants with limited English proficiency. It is this blend of expertise and empathy that makes Louisville Beauty Academy a haven for immigrant aspirants.

In conclusion, the Louisville Beauty Academy represents more than just an institution offering beauty courses; it is a beacon of hope, legitimacy, and understanding for immigrants. In the words of the prolific author, Maya Angelou, “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter their color.” Louisville Beauty Academy, under the visionary guidance of Di Tran, is ensuring that every immigrant, regardless of their background, can add their unique thread to this rich tapestry of society.

Louisville Beauty Academy - KY State Board of Cosmetology

Communicating with the KY State Board of Cosmetology: Best Practices for Practitioners and Licensees

Communication is the cornerstone of understanding, and it becomes even more essential when interacting with administrative entities such as the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology. For practitioners and licensees, especially those for whom English is a second language, effective communication is critical. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how best to communicate with the KY State Board of Cosmetology.

1. Email Communication: (Email to [email protected]) Email has emerged as the most effective means of communication with the KY State Board for two primary reasons:

a) Record Keeping: With emails, both parties have a tangible record of the correspondence, complete with timestamps. This ensures transparency and can be particularly useful if there are any disputes or clarifications needed in the future.

b) Response Time: The KY State Board, especially during peak periods like license renewal season in July and August, can be swamped with requests and queries. Emailing your concerns or questions gives the board the required time to address them comprehensively, ensuring a response typically within 30 days.

2. Using the Official Contact Form: Another efficient way to reach out is by filling out the contact form available at KY State Board’s Contact Page. This structured format ensures that you provide all the necessary details, which can expedite the Board’s response.

3. Filing a Complaint: If there are concerns or complaints you wish to raise, it is crucial to follow the proper channels to ensure they are addressed appropriately. The Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology has a designated Complaint Form that should be filled out. Using this official channel helps maintain orderliness and ensures your complaints are addressed in a structured manner.

Language Barriers: For practitioners and licensees with English as a second language or face language-related challenges, it can sometimes be daunting to navigate administrative processes. Louisville Beauty Academy recognizes this challenge and is committed to assisting all Kentucky State beauty education queries and needs.

Need Assistance? If you have any questions or require further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can text Louisville Beauty Academy at 502-625-5531 or fill out their online form. Their dedicated team is always ready to help, ensuring that you receive the information and assistance you need.

In conclusion, communication is pivotal, and understanding the best channels to use can make the difference between a swift resolution and prolonged back-and-forths. By following the guidelines outlined above, practitioners and licensees can ensure smooth and effective interactions with the KY State Board of Cosmetology.

P.S.: When reaching out to the KY State Board of Cosmetology, or any professional body, clarity is of utmost importance. It’s vital to be professional in your approach, ensuring your question or specific request is articulated clearly and concisely. This not only fosters effective communication but also expedites resolutions and answers. Before sending your message or query, take a moment to review and ensure that your main point is unmistakably understood. Remember, clarity in communication leads to effective results.

Cambio del Kentucky State Cosmetology Board a PSI: Una Guía para Graduados y Estudiantes

El mundo de la cosmetología está en constante evolución, con nuevas técnicas, productos y estándares de práctica. Al igual que evoluciona el campo, también lo hacen las entidades y procesos que garantizan que sus profesionales estén calificados y actualizados. Un cambio reciente que ha llamado la atención de muchos en el estado de Kentucky es la transición de los exámenes de licencia del Kentucky State Cosmetology Board. La junta ha elegido a PSI como la agencia y proveedor oficial para llevar a cabo tanto los aspectos teóricos como prácticos del examen de licencia.

¿Por qué el cambio a PSI?

Cada junta profesional de licencias tiene la responsabilidad de asegurar que sus licenciatarios sean competentes, seguros e informados sobre las mejores prácticas en su campo. Con este fin, es crucial elegir un proveedor de exámenes que no solo comprenda las sutilezas del campo, sino que también pueda diseñar pruebas que sean justas, exhaustivas y relevantes.

PSI, con su vasta experiencia en evaluación y acreditación, cumple con estos requisitos. La decisión de incorporar a PSI se basa en su experiencia, historial establecido y procedimientos de prueba de vanguardia, garantizando que los profesionales de cosmetología de Kentucky estén entre los mejores de la nación.

Preparándose para el Examen de Licencia: Consejos para el Éxito

Dado este cambio, la pregunta natural que surge para muchos estudiantes y recién graduados es: “¿Cómo puedo prepararme mejor para el examen de licencia bajo este nuevo sistema?”

  1. Compra la Guía de Estudio de Teoría Práctica de PSI: Basándose en los comentarios de los graduados de la Louisville Beauty Academy, una de las formas más efectivas de alinear tus hábitos de estudio con el contenido del examen es comprando y revisando a fondo la guía de estudio de teoría práctica directamente de PSI. Esta guía está adaptada al contenido y formato del examen, convirtiéndola en un recurso indispensable.
  2. Practicar, practicar, practicar: Aunque la teoría es crucial, las habilidades prácticas son igualmente esenciales. Asegúrate de dedicar tiempo a practicar técnicas, recibir comentarios de mentores y perfeccionar tus habilidades.
  3. Únete a Grupos de Estudio: Colabora con otros estudiantes para discutir temas desafiantes, compartir recursos de estudio y hacerse preguntas mutuamente. Estudiar en grupo puede ofrecer perspectivas e ideas que podrías pasar por alto estudiando solo.
  4. Mantente Actualizado: Asegúrate de estar al día con las últimas técnicas, productos y mejores prácticas en el campo. PSI, al ser una agencia moderna de exámenes, podría incorporar tendencias y avances actuales en la industria al examen.
  5. Utiliza Recursos en Línea: Más allá de la guía oficial de estudio de PSI, hay numerosas plataformas en línea, foros y videos tutoriales que pueden proporcionar información adicional y preguntas de práctica.

¡No olvides!

La preparación es clave. Pero también es esencial mantener la calma, compostura y confianza durante el examen. Recuerda, el examen es una validación de las habilidades que has adquirido durante tu educación y entrenamiento. Confía en tus habilidades y en el conocimiento que has acumulado.

Para aquellos ansiosos por tener en sus manos la guía de estudio de PSI, sigue este enlace. (Nota: Se ha proporcionado un enlace de marcador de posición. Asegúrate de reemplazarlo con el enlace real antes de publicar).

En conclusión, aunque los cambios en el proceso de licencia pueden parecer desalentadores inicialmente, con los recursos adecuados y un enfoque centrado, el éxito está a tu alcance. Abraza el cambio, prepárate sabiamente, y estarás en camino a convertirte en un profesional con licencia en el vibrante mundo de la cosmetología de Kentucky.




Kentucky State Cosmetology Board’s Shift to PSI: A Guide for Graduates and Students

The world of cosmetology is constantly evolving, with new techniques, products, and standards of practice. Just as the field evolves, so do the entities and processes that ensure its professionals are qualified and up-to-date. A recent change that has drawn the attention of many in the state of Kentucky is the transition of the Kentucky State Cosmetology Board’s licensing exams. The board has now chosen PSI as the official agency and vendor to conduct both the theory and practical aspects of the licensing exam.

Why the Shift to PSI?

Every professional licensing board has the responsibility of ensuring that its licensees are competent, safe, and stay informed about the best practices in their field. To this end, it’s crucial to choose an examination provider that not only understands the nuances of the field but can also design tests that are fair, comprehensive, and relevant.

PSI, with its vast experience in assessment and credentialing, fits the bill. The decision to bring PSI onboard stems from their expertise, established track record, and state-of-the-art testing procedures, ensuring that Kentucky’s cosmetology professionals are among the best in the nation.

Preparing for the Licensing Exam: Tips for Success

Given this change, the natural question that arises for many students and recent graduates is: “How can I best prepare for the licensing exam under this new system?”

1. Purchase the Practical Theory Study Guide from PSI: Based on feedback from graduates of the Louisville Beauty Academy, one of the most effective ways to align your study habits with the content of the exam is by purchasing and thoroughly reviewing the practical theory study guide directly from PSI. This guide is tailored to the content and format of the exam, making it an indispensable resource.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice: While the theory is crucial, hands-on practical skills are equally essential. Make sure to set aside time to practice techniques, get feedback from mentors, and refine your skills.

3. Join Study Groups: Team up with fellow students to discuss challenging topics, share study resources, and quiz each other. A group setting can provide diverse perspectives and insights that you might miss studying alone.

4. Stay Updated: Ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest techniques, products, and best practices in the field. PSI, being a modern testing agency, might incorporate current trends and advancements in the industry into the exam.

5. Use Online Resources: Beyond the official PSI study guide, there are numerous online platforms, forums, and tutorial videos that can provide additional insights and practice questions.

Don’t Forget!

Preparation is key. But, it’s equally essential to remain calm, composed, and confident during the exam. Remember, the exam is a validation of the skills you’ve acquired during your education and training. Trust in your abilities and the knowledge you’ve amassed.

For those eager to get their hands on the PSI study guide, follow this link. (Note: A placeholder link has been provided. Ensure you replace it with the actual link before publishing.)

In conclusion, while changes to the licensing process might seem daunting initially, with the right resources and a focused approach, success is within your reach. Embrace the change, prepare wisely, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a licensed professional in Kentucky’s vibrant world of cosmetology.




Louisville Beauty Academy: Fomentando el Talento en Belleza y Haciendo la Educación Asequible para Todos los Latinos, Especialmente 50% de Descuento para Traslados de Otros Estados

En el corazón de Kentucky, Louisville Beauty Academy (LBA) ha estado cultivando los sueños de aspirantes a profesionales de la belleza durante más de siete años. Su reputación como la escuela de belleza más asequible en todo el estado no es un accidente, sino un testimonio del compromiso de LBA con una educación accesible y de calidad.

Llenando el Vacío de Talento

La industria de la belleza en Kentucky está en auge, y la demanda de profesionales capacitados y talentosos está en su punto más alto. Sin embargo, este crecimiento pujante ha llevado a una brecha significativa de talento que requiere atención inmediata. Louisville Beauty Academy ha asumido la responsabilidad de llenar este vacío, enfocándose en las necesidades específicas de los profesionales de la belleza latinos que se mudan desde todo el país a Kentucky.

Comunidad Latina y Profesionales de la Belleza

Recientemente, ha habido una ola de profesionales de la belleza latinos con licencia, como cubanos, mexicanos, puertorriqueños, dominicanos, colombianos y otros, trasladándose a Kentucky. Estos individuos a menudo buscan horas adicionales para calificar para el examen de licencia de belleza del Kentucky State Board. Desafortunadamente, muchos de estos estudiantes transferidos enfrentan desafíos ya que a menudo no son elegibles para ayuda financiera, becas o descuentos debido a su educación de horas limitadas y pequeñas.

La Oferta Especial de LBA

Comprendiendo los desafíos únicos que enfrenta la comunidad latina, Louisville Beauty Academy ha dado un paso audaz al ofrecer un descuento sin precedentes del 50% para todos los profesionales latinos transferidos de otros estados durante este verano. Esta iniciativa resuena con la misión más amplia de LBA de hacer que la educación en belleza no solo sea accesible sino también inclusiva.

Este importante descuento sirve como una oportunidad dorada para todos los profesionales de la belleza latinos que buscan construir una carrera próspera en Kentucky. Ya sea que seas un esteticista cubano, un estilista mexicano o un técnico en uñas colombiano, Louisville Beauty Academy te recibe con los brazos abiertos y la seguridad de una educación de primera calidad a mitad de precio.

¿Por Qué Elegir Louisville Beauty Academy?

  • Educación Asequible: Clasificada como la escuela más asequible en Kentucky durante siete años consecutivos, LBA ofrece un valor incomparable.
  • Currículo Diverso: Con una amplia gama de cursos, LBA atiende a todos los aspectos de la industria de la belleza.
  • Profesorado Experto: Aprende de los mejores en el negocio con profesionales experimentados liderando el camino.
  • Enfoque Comunitario: Con un fuerte compromiso con la comunidad y la inclusividad, LBA destaca como una escuela que realmente se preocupa.

Llamado a la Acción

¿Eres un profesional de la belleza latino buscando transferirte a Kentucky? ¿Necesitas horas extras para ser elegible para el examen de licencia de belleza del Kentucky State Board? ¡No busques más! Louisville Beauty Academy es tu puerta de entrada a una carrera exitosa en la floreciente industria de la belleza de Kentucky.

Aprovecha esta increíble oferta de descuento del 50% y únete a la familia de graduados exitosos que han dejado su huella en el mundo de la belleza. No dejes que este verano se escape sin aprovechar esta oportunidad extraordinaria.

¡Envía un mensaje de texto o llama hoy a Louisville Beauty Academy al 502-625-5531 o envía un correo electrónico a [email protected] para comenzar tu viaje de excelencia, asequibilidad y éxito!

Louisville Beauty Academy cree en el potencial de cada aspirante a profesional de la belleza. Juntos, creemos un Kentucky más bello.

Louisville Beauty Academy: Fostering Beauty Talent and Making Education Affordable for All Latinos, Especially 50% OFF for Transfers from Other States

In the heart of Kentucky, Louisville Beauty Academy (LBA) has been nurturing the dreams of aspiring beauty professionals for over seven years. Its reputation as the most affordable beauty school in the entire state is not an accident but a testament to LBA’s commitment to accessible, quality education.

Filling the Talent Gap

Kentucky’s beauty industry is thriving, and the demand for skilled, talented professionals is at an all-time high. However, this burgeoning growth has led to a significant talent gap that requires immediate attention. Louisville Beauty Academy has taken up the mantle to fill this void, focusing on the specific needs of Latino beauty professionals who are moving from across the country to Kentucky.

Latino Community and Beauty Professionals

Recently, there’s been a wave of licensed Latino beauty professionals, such as Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Colombians, and others, transferring to Kentucky. These individuals often seek additional hours to qualify for the Kentucky State Board beauty licensing exam. Unfortunately, many of these transfer students face challenges as they are often not eligible for financial aid, scholarships, or discounts due to their limited and small-hour schooling.

LBA’s Special Offer

Understanding the unique challenges faced by the Latino community, Louisville Beauty Academy has taken a bold step by offering an unprecedented 50% discount for all Latino transferred professionals from other states during this summer. This initiative resonates with LBA’s broader mission of making beauty education not only accessible but also inclusive.

This significant discount serves as a golden opportunity for all Latino beauty professionals seeking to build a thriving career in Kentucky. Whether you’re a Cuban esthetician, a Mexican hairstylist, or a Colombian nail technician, Louisville Beauty Academy welcomes you with open arms and the assurance of top-notch education at half the price.

Why Choose Louisville Beauty Academy?

  1. Affordable Education: Ranked as the most affordable school in Kentucky for seven consecutive years, LBA offers unparalleled value.
  2. Diverse Curriculum: With a wide range of courses, LBA caters to every aspect of the beauty industry.
  3. Expert Faculty: Learn from the best in the business with seasoned professionals leading the way.
  4. Community Focus: With a strong commitment to community and inclusivity, LBA stands out as a school that truly cares.

Call to Action

Are you a Latino beauty professional looking to transfer to Kentucky? Do you need extra hours to be eligible for the KY State Board beauty licensing exam? Look no further! Louisville Beauty Academy is your gateway to a successful career in the thriving Kentucky beauty industry.

Take advantage of this incredible 50% discount offer and join the family of successful graduates who’ve made their mark in the beauty world. Don’t let this summer slip away without seizing this extraordinary opportunity.

Text is best or call Louisville Beauty Academy today at 502-625-5531 or Email [email protected] to start your journey of excellence, affordability, and success!

Louisville Beauty Academy believes in the potential of every aspiring beauty professional. Together, let’s create a more beautiful Kentucky.

Refresh and Revive Your Skills with Louisville Beauty Academy’s Brush-Up Course

Are you struggling with the Kentucky State Board Examination for Cosmetology? Have you exhausted three out of your five opportunities to pass the test? Or are you a beauty professional from another state looking to fulfill the Kentucky licensure requirements? If any of these scenarios apply to you, Louisville Beauty Academy has designed a course specifically for your needs.

Our Brush-Up Course, an 80-hour refresher program tailored in line with the Kentucky State Board requirements, is your route to success. Whether you’ve hit a stumbling block on the state exam or you are an out-of-state transfer looking to familiarize yourself with Kentucky’s standards, we have got you covered.

Why Choose The Brush-Up Course at Louisville Beauty Academy?

Our Brush-Up Course is designed for students who have previously failed the Kentucky State Exam three times. By Kentucky law, before students are allowed to attempt the exam for the fourth and fifth time, they must undertake a refresher course. Our Brush-Up Course is the perfect solution. It provides intensive, comprehensive training and exam preparation to boost your chances of passing on your subsequent attempts.

For out-of-state transfers and students who haven’t taken the exam in a while, this course is an excellent way to get up to speed with Kentucky’s latest beauty regulations, practices, and examination standards.

We pride ourselves in staying abreast of the latest industry trends and examination patterns. Louisville Beauty Academy utilizes the most recent books and systems to prepare our students for the newest Kentucky State Board Exam administered by PSI. This ensures you are studying relevant material and are well-equipped for the exam.

Your success is our success, and we are committed to supporting your learning journey. Our teaching staff is made up of experienced professionals passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge and guiding you to your goals.

How To Enroll?

Enrollment in the Brush-Up Course at Louisville Beauty Academy is a seamless process. For further information or to apply for the course, please reach out to our Enrollment Department.

You can email us at [email protected] or call or text us at 502-625-5531. Our team will be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have and guide you through the enrollment process.

Take the leap and secure your future in the beauty industry. Refresh your knowledge, brush up your skills, and pave the way to success with Louisville Beauty Academy’s Brush-Up Course.