Louisville Beauty Academy – Graduates’ Digital Badge and Program Completion Certification – Starting Today 05-29-2020

At Louisville Beauty Academy, we believe in hard work, self-commitment, and celebration of ones’ accomplishments. So today 05-29-2020, we introduce school digital badge and digital completion certification for Louisville Beauty Academy.

Example of Digital Certificate and Badge

Every future graduate from Louisville Beauty Academy will receive a certified digital badge and completion certification which allows him/her to share and celebrate his/her accomplishment with anyone online. He/she can email, tag, text, share on social media, and print his certificate anywhere and anytime.

Certificate and Badge Portal – Allow Graduates to share many ways online or print his/her certificate

This system will also serve as Louisville Beauty Academy’s public accomplishment reports. We truly believe in investing in our students, and his/her accomplishment is very much ours. We want to celebrate their graduation and on-going beauty career success.


Louisville Beauty Academy: https://www.credential.net/issuer/45182