Louisville Beauty Academy - Most Affordable School in KY

Most affordable beauty school in KY State – Cosmetology Program Under $8000 – The debt-free graduates’ stories

Louisville Beauty Academy is on the mission to solve the beauty student debt crisis by providing debt-free opportunities to its cosmetology students. Cosmetology is the longest program in the beauty field that requires 1500 hours (10 months for full-time students) when there are Esthetic requires 750 hours (5 months for a full-time student) and Nail Technology requires 450 hours (3 months for a full-time student).

Throughout the state of Kentucky, there are hundreds of stories about KY licensed cosmetologists and cosmetology graduates who are in debts of $15,000 and more. Worse than that, many struggles to pay off the loan even after 10 years in the fields. This story is very common. If you meet any cosmetologists, ask about their student loans today.

How can Louisville Beauty Academy provide debt-free study programs to its student?

  1. The foundation is cost: Louisville Beauty Academy provides the most affordable cosmetology program in Kentucky and also cost matching availability. The cosmetology program is only under $8000 at Louisville Beauty Academy, while it cost up to $22,000 at some other school in KY.
  2. The level 2 support: Louisville Beauty Academy provide a payment plan with zero interest directly to the students on a super flexible term (pay any amount beyond minimum requirement and pay off one time in the end.
  3. Level 3 support: Louisville Beauty Academy supports employment to every single graduate. School leader such as Louisville Beauty Academy CEO, Di Tran actively makes the partnership with potential employers who can hire school graduates as soon as they complete the program. Of course, no guarantee of employment but the school puts every effort it can to make this happen upon request.
  4. Level 4 support: Louisville Beauty Academy makes itself available to provide financial management to its graduate upon request this would increase the debt-free opportunity for school graduates.