Louisville Beauty Academy - Microblading, Eyelash Extension, and Threading

Unlicensed Beauty Programs = KY State Required Specialty Permit – For legal performance of the beauty practice in KY State


According to KY State Board of Cosmetology, there are four core licenses in the beauty industry as below. Louisville Beauty Academy provides all four programs.

  1. Cosmetology
  2. Esthetic – same licensed is used for both salon esthetic and medical aesthetic
  3. Nail Technology
  4. Beauty Instructor – For beauty professional with licensed in Cosmetology, Esthetic, and Nail for more than 1 year

Outside of these four core beauty licenses, KY State Board of Cosmetology provide SOME other permit for what is called as SPECIALTY PERMIT, reserved for currently limited regulated beauty practice such as below. Louisville Beauty Academy also provide these specialty program through our contracting and KY permit vendors.

Eyelash Extension
  1. Threading
  2. Eyelash Extension
  3. Makeup Artistry

Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology doesn’t regulate the Microblading, but Kentucky Department of Health

  1. Microblading is bundled with permanent makeup, body art, or tattooing

Two specific training needed for the permit of the specialty programs

Requirement for Beauty Specialty Services in KY

  1. Trained by KY State Approved vendor for each programs – Louisville Beauty Academy is one of the KY State Licensed and Approved school
  2. Completed Infection Control (4 Hours Training) – Offered by Online Milady Pro
  3. Apply for KY State Permit via Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology or Kentucky Department of Health




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