FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the new Kentucky Law for Cosmetology, Esthetic and Nail Technology?
    1. Reduce Hours
      1. Esthetics – 1000 to 750 hours
      2. Nail Technology – 600 to 450 hours
      3. Instructors – 1000 to 750 hours
      4. NOTE:
        • Those who already enrolled in school (any school) and currently have to credit hour will have to complete 1000 hours for Esthetic, and 600 hours for nails
    2. Independent Contractor License
      • No longer needed
      • Independent Contractor licenses are no longer required by the KBC. All space leasing,
        employment terms, and booth rental agreements are between business owners and licensees
  1. When is the school open?
    • 01-12-2017
  1. School Success to this point of 2019?
    • Louisville Beauty Academy is proud and honor to have the support of Louisville community throughout the years. As of 2019, we have assisted and trained more than 140 beauty professionals, and most have been certified and employed by beauty salon, nail salon and esthetic salon across Louisville Kentucky.
  2. How to get in contact with us about registration?
    • Please send all your question to LBeautyAcademy@gmail.com, and we will have our staff contact you directly.
    • Provide us the following info:
      1. Name
      2. Phone number (cell/home) – textable or not
      3. Email
      4. Educational track you are looking to register
  3. What is Cost for Educational Track?
    • 50%-62% Tuition Scholarship is available now for ALL NEW STUDENTS
      1. Full-Time (30-40 hours/week) –
        • 54% Scholarship = $5.5/hour 
          • Take this amount per hour and multiply any track required total hours for tuition cost
  4. Is there other cost and fee?
    • YES
      1. One time application fee
      2. Kit and Books
  1. What type of payment does Louisville Beauty Academy Accept?
    • We accept all payment types
      1. Check
      2. Cash
      3. Money Order
      4. Credit Card of all type
        • 3% will be applied in addition to the total amount
  2. Is there a payment plan?
    • YES
      1. Deposit at Enrollment time
        • Nail Technology: $1,200
        • Esthetic: $1,800
        • Cosmetology: $1,900
      2. The rest of tuition is divided up among # of the month you spend in school (refer to 9 items below)
        • Each month you pay at beginning of the month
        • Payment is ranged from $650 – any amount affordable for the month
        • Completion of total payment is required to be paid on the last month of graduation date.
  3. Are we hiring?
    • Yes, we are hiring cosmetology instructor and esthetic instructor
  4. How long do I need to go to school for?
    • Based on you, at our school – we built on affordability and flexibility, therefore we work with you on your schedule and length of time spent in school depends on it.
    • Required by State Board of Cosmetology of Kentucky
      1. Cosmetology – 1500 Hours
        • With 30-40 hours/Week (Full-Time) – It takes 9-10 Months
      2. Esthetic – 750 Hours
        • With 30-40 hours/Week (Full-Time) – It takes 4-5 Months
      3. Nail Technology – 450 Hours
        • With 30-40 hours/Week (Full-Time) – It takes 2-3 Months
      4. Cosmetology Instructor – 750 Hours
        • With 30-40 hours/Week (Full-Time) – It takes 4-5 Months
  1. Is your academy accredited and nationally recognized by the NACCAS? Will there be any problems taking the state board exam?
    • All beauty/cosmetology school is controlled, regulated and licensed to open by State Board of Cosmetology of Kentucky. Your school hour is directly logged into state board of Kentucky system – SO OF COURSE, ALL SCHOOL (Louisville Beauty Academy included) PREPARES YOU TO TAKE AND PASS EXAM AT STATE BOARD
      1. Listed under State Board of Cosmetology of Kentucky web site
    • Certification of any program (Nail, Esthetic, Cosmetology, and instructor) are governed, examined and provided by State Board of Cosmetology of Kentucky. The same certification is given regardless of which school you attend in Kentucky.
    • Accreditation has nothing to do with the school value nor the quality of school education – IT ONLY MEANS you can use Federal Financial Aid 
      1. NO, our school is not accredited by NACCAS and WE DO NOT take financial aid 
        • Reasons:
          • Federal Financial Aid requires a large extra cost that our school decided not to add to our tuition cost (WE BUILD ON AFFORDABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY)
            • Extensive and lot of documentation and process – this breaks our student affordability
            • Rigid in requirement student schedule and time login – this break our student flexibility (we focus and promote a student to work and school at the same time)
          • This school is a new school under 2 years – requires by NACCAS for application
    • Please read our article on school value and myth with accreditation
      1. http://louisvillebeautyacademy.net/cosmetology-school-fact-and-myth-school-category-accreditation-quality/
  2. How does Louisville Beauty Academy help graduate student job finding and placement after graduation?
    • All or most of Louisville Beauty Academy students are already booked/recruited by 1-2 salons before graduation
      1. This means 2 things:
        • Louisville Beauty Academy is trusted and focused to develop future professional with skills and heart for this business
        • Demands for this market is high for our future professionals
    • Louisville Beauty Academy LLC is connected locally with local salons (Hair, Nails, and Esthetic) to help guide and making a recommendation for you in job finding
    • Louisville Beauty Academy LLC also partners with other LLCs in beauty industry business local to take on talents as available
    • Our school takes pride and measures our success internally on company level by our student’s succeed in school and after graduation – so we do take this seriously even when nothing can be a guarantee
    • NOTE:
      1. Job finding/placement is never guaranteed – Louisville Beauty Academy LLC also does NOT guarantees you will get a job 

NONE OF THESE ARE CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN SCHOOL AND ANY STUDENT. Everything is up for changes by Louisville Beauty Academy LLC. Please ensure that you fully understand your student agreement at the time of enrollment.