Book Cover - Di Tran - Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS

CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy, Di Tran’s New Book 2022 – Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS – The Power of Gratitude and the application of the Law of Attraction – 1st Edition – Release 09-22-2022

This book shares the real example of successes in the application of the Law of Attraction with the focus on the OTHERS when it takes the author to a new height in his career as a beauty professional, beauty instructor, beauty salons and proprietary school owner and other small businesses.

Drop the “ME” and Focus on the “OTHERS”: The Power of Gratitude – by Di Tran, the Author

Chapter 4 – Snippet – DO IT NOW

“It is easier to say something than to do it, but it is through the doing that we know what is possible and what is not,” a mentor told once told me. Personally, I have adopted a “do it now” mentality. I built this approach over time and now certain practices have become muscle memory, and I do them without thinking. To paraphrase Brian Tracy from his book, The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, it takes discipline to create positive habitual behavior. Habit leads to consistency, and consistency leads to growth and results. Many say it takes hundreds of repetitions to create a habit. For me, it is whatever repetitive number is required. I do this in the easiest, most convenient way, for as long as I need in order to do it without much thinking. The key to “do it now” is care. When you care, you will pay attention. When you pay attention, you will focus on the details. Focusing on the details creates a drive to action. The question for all “do it now” behavior is,” Do you care enough?” “We are facing a challenge of care in this society. We live in a technological world, in which virtual activity has become so commonplace that people think they totally interact and socialize with each online via the internet, but they actually do not,” a mentor once told me. He was referring to how destructive social media and the internet have become, especially for children and the young generation. They live in a different world, where care is limited, and individualism is elevated. Actual live human interaction is becoming a burden, and when there is a requirement for real life work that adds true value to others, we struggle because of the lack of care for the actual human being; however, we have become quite adept in virtual life using avatars online. “Care, really care. Put yourself in others’ shoes to understand and empathize with the situation. That’s when the best of you will show in your actions,” my mom taught me.

Book Cover – “Drop the ME and Focus on the OTHERS – the Power of Gratitude” by Di Tran, CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy