Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology – Updated on PSI (New KY State Vendor) for beauty licensing exam – EXPECT 30 DAYS DELAY – as of 08-18-2022

PSI Beauty Licensing Exam Exact Process as evolved daily as of now

  1. 10 DAYS DELAY SINCE STUDENT GRADUATE – As soon as Louisville Beauty Academy graduated and graduation is submitted to KY State Board of Cosmetology, the board needs 10 days to upload eligibility to PSI- eligibility rosters are only sent to PSI on Friday afternoons. This means there is a delay between a student completing hours and the PSI registration email.
  1. MISSING INFO WILL DELAY PROCESS – Students who do not have a completed file with the board will not be released as eligible for examination- a file is not complete if there is not a:
    1. Valid phone number
    2. Personal email address
  1. ONLY EMAIL KY STATE BOARD AFTER 30 DAYS AFTER GRADUATION – Students do not need to email the board any information unless they have not received a registration notice from PSI – 30 days post-graduation.
  1. NO MAIL BUT ONLY EMAIL – Students do not mail paper applications.
  1. Students will not receive registration notices any more quickly by repeatedly emailing their information to the board general email address. They are graduated and registered In the order received by the office.
KY State Board of Cosmetology Email as of 08-18-2022