Di Tran - Louisville Beauty Academy - Series of 10 mins acrylic nail fullset

Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction Video Series – Proprietary One Ball Acrylic Technique – Safety, Effectiveness, and Efficiency – Less than 10 mins full-set completion

Nail acrylic application can be made in many ways and of course, it is often purely based on the preference of each nail technician. There is no right and wrong technique as long as the acrylic nail is done safely, beautifully, and to the satisfaction of your customer.

Di Tran, Louisville Beauty Academy is 20+ years of experience nail technician. There are days that Di Tran completed 50+ full-set of nails, to give you some perspective. Di Tran will share with you his technique, the ONE BALL METHOD, but more importantly, all tips and tricks that maximize your effectiveness and efficiency while making your customers happy safely.

This series of videos is more than 10 videos. Each one is important on its own and has everything to do with safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. YOU CAN COMPLETE A FULL-SET end to end in less than 10 MINS – YES beautifully and professionally.

Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction video series – Introduction by Di Tran
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 2 – Things to Consider
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 3 – Tools and Products
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 4 – Table Towel and Paper Towel
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 5 – Body posture and sitting
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Part 6 – Nail Check and License Limitation
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 7 – Filling and Electrical Filler
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 8- Roughen Real Nail
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Full Instruction – Part 9 – Tip Application with speed
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail Full Instruction – Part 10 – Tips Measurement and Cut
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Part 11 – Full Instruction – Nail Shape and Blend
Louisville Beauty Academy – Acrylic Nail – Part 12 – Acrylic Application – One Ball
Louisville Beauty Academy - Most Affordable School in KY

Most affordable beauty school in KY State – Cosmetology Program Under $8000 – The debt-free graduates’ stories

Louisville Beauty Academy is on the mission to solve the beauty student debt crisis by providing debt-free opportunities to its cosmetology students. Cosmetology is the longest program in the beauty field that requires 1500 hours (10 months for full-time students) when there are Esthetic requires 750 hours (5 months for a full-time student) and Nail Technology requires 450 hours (3 months for a full-time student).

Throughout the state of Kentucky, there are hundreds of stories about KY licensed cosmetologists and cosmetology graduates who are in debts of $15,000 and more. Worse than that, many struggles to pay off the loan even after 10 years in the fields. This story is very common. If you meet any cosmetologists, ask about their student loans today.

How can Louisville Beauty Academy provide debt-free study programs to its student?

  1. The foundation is cost: Louisville Beauty Academy provides the most affordable cosmetology program in Kentucky and also cost matching availability. The cosmetology program is only under $8000 at Louisville Beauty Academy, while it cost up to $22,000 at some other school in KY.
  2. The level 2 support: Louisville Beauty Academy provide a payment plan with zero interest directly to the students on a super flexible term (pay any amount beyond minimum requirement and pay off one time in the end.
  3. Level 3 support: Louisville Beauty Academy supports employment to every single graduate. School leader such as Louisville Beauty Academy CEO, Di Tran actively makes the partnership with potential employers who can hire school graduates as soon as they complete the program. Of course, no guarantee of employment but the school puts every effort it can to make this happen upon request.
  4. Level 4 support: Louisville Beauty Academy makes itself available to provide financial management to its graduate upon request this would increase the debt-free opportunity for school graduates.
Shelby County Public School and Louisville Beauty Academy - Partnership

Shelby County Public School + Louisville Beauty Academy – Partnership – Exposing High School Students to Skilled Trade – Beauty Industry

Shelby County Public Schools

According to Ramirez-Castro and Valenzuela, the majority of high schools students are not being informed about career opportunities in Skilled Trade such as construction or beauty. Beauty services fulfill the basic needs of hair, nail, and skincare. Construction fulfills the basic needs of living and working space and facilities. Anything that is related to the basic needs of humanity is an ON-GOING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, that can more often than not generate or cultivate new small business owners.

On November 19, 2021, Louisville Beauty Academy and Shelby County Public School in Kentucky are collaborating and taking a step closer together to address this skilled workforce gap, by exposing Shelby County Public School high school students to beauty industry trade, and skills.


Ramirez-Castro, Rocio and Valenzuela, Janet (2018). Values of Exposing High Schools Students to Skilled Trade, Access 11-17-2021 – https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1180&context=cmsp

LBA - PhiLong Brows Partner - Microblading + Eye Lash Extension

PhiLong Brows In Louisville, KY – Louisville Beauty Academy – Microblading + Permanent Makeup + Eyelash Extension

PhiLong Brows is United State of American famous and unique style of Microblading & Permanent Makeup. Louisville Beauty Academy is an exclusive partner with PhiLong Brows in state of Kentucky which provides the following training


YOUR COST – $3,900

$4,500 Total Package Cost

$600 Scholarship Available Currently


  • Certificate for Microblading & Permanent Makeup
  • Bloodborne Certificate
  • Tattoo Artist License Application Guidance
  • Machine + Supply
  • Practice on LIVE MODELS


  • 3D Ombre Eyebrows by machine – The Unqiue SECRET technique from PhiLong Brows
  • Microblading Ombre Eyebrows by hand
  • Microblading for Men
  • 3D Ombre Eyeliners: Shading, Cat Eyes
  • LIP Blush: with 9 Point Nano Needles will make LIPS HOT and SEXY!
  • Two minutes Eyebrows drawing using GOLD RATIO measurement
  • Remove old tattooo pigments
  • Color Corrections
LBA - PhiLongBrows - Enroll Now
LBA – PhiLongBrows – Enroll Now
LBA – Eyebrows for Men, Pencil Effect Stardust, Ombre Eyeliner Shading, Microblading, Powder Brows Ombre and Permanent Makeup Lips

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Di Tran - United State of American is the number one country on earth

Louisville Beauty Academy – Founder and CEO – Di Tran Presentation at Rotary Club of Louisville 09-30-2021 – Paying forward to pay back debt to USA, the #1 Country on earth

Di Tran, do anything you want to do, but as long as you do with the heart of helping others achieve; your success is unlimited.

Di Tran’s first American mentor – Thomas Gary Ransdell

Louisville Beauty Academy - Microblading, Eyelash Extension, and Threading

Unlicensed Beauty Programs = KY State Required Specialty Permit – For legal performance of the beauty practice in KY State


According to KY State Board of Cosmetology, there are four core licenses in the beauty industry as below. Louisville Beauty Academy provides all four programs.

  1. Cosmetology
  2. Esthetic – same licensed is used for both salon esthetic and medical aesthetic
  3. Nail Technology
  4. Beauty Instructor – For beauty professional with licensed in Cosmetology, Esthetic, and Nail for more than 1 year

Outside of these four core beauty licenses, KY State Board of Cosmetology provide SOME other permit for what is called as SPECIALTY PERMIT, reserved for currently limited regulated beauty practice such as below. Louisville Beauty Academy also provide these specialty program through our contracting and KY permit vendors.

Eyelash Extension
  1. Threading
  2. Eyelash Extension
  3. Makeup Artistry

Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology doesn’t regulate the Microblading, but Kentucky Department of Health

  1. Microblading is bundled with permanent makeup, body art, or tattooing

Two specific training needed for the permit of the specialty programs

Requirement for Beauty Specialty Services in KY

  1. Trained by KY State Approved vendor for each programs – Louisville Beauty Academy is one of the KY State Licensed and Approved school
  2. Completed Infection Control (4 Hours Training) – Offered by Online Milady Pro
  3. Apply for KY State Permit via Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology or Kentucky Department of Health




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Louisville Beauty Academy - Di Tran LLC - CEO - 911 Reflection after 20 years

Louisville Business First – Local Execs Reflection on 911 – Di Tran – 20 years look back and pay forward

20 years later: Louisville executives look back on 9/11

I was at University of Louisville Speed school for my first semester as an undergrad for computer engineering and computer science degree. I was with a group of friend trying to get an early brunch/lunch at the engineer cafeteria (today Miller IT Center.)

I was one of many, if not all, students in the Speed school cafeteria gathered around the TV with Breaking News reading “America (or United States) is under attack.” The news was playing the first tower of the World Trade Center on fire, and then another plane going through the second one.

At that moment, I didn’t know what to think but simply having a feeling like the world will fall — more like we are being invaded by aliens from outer space movies that we watched. The real fear of not knowing what to do or where to go, because I immigrated from Vietnam where wars destroy our country. I always believed and still do that the USA is the gold standard and the number one country on earth. So at that moment of the 9/11 attack, I felt lost and wondering where else to go from here.



Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) – Request High School Transcript

As part of Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology requirement for enrolling in KY State beauty licensing program school such as Louisville Beauty Academy, a student must be a high school graduate, or having a GED. If student who graduate in state of Kentucky and attended Jefferson County Public School (JCPS), he/she may request a high school transcript online as below:

  1. Visit online request form https://louisvillebeautyacademy.net/louisville-beauty-academy-student-enrollment-procedures/
  2. Follow the step by step procedure and make payment
  3. Receive confirmation as below
JCPS High School Transcript – Order Confirmation Sample