Tops Louisville Magazine – Thanksgiving Back – Vy & Di Tran Feature as two of four individuals who overcame hardships and now give back to their community

Vy Truong and Di Tran, founders of Louisville Beauty Academy are being featured for Tops Louisville Magazine of November 2019 month of Thanksgiving Back.

Louisville KY – Four Individuals Who Overcame Hardships and Now Give Back to Their Community

Vy & Di Tran – Louisville Beauty Academy Founders – Stories of Hardship and Happy Giving Back To Community Now
Tops Louisville Magazine – Features for November 2019 – ThanksGiving Back Edition


Kentucky Beauty License (Cosmetology, Esthetic, and Nail Technology) Transfer to Indiana – How does it work?

According to State Board of Cosmetology and Barber of Indiana, the requirements for transferring Kentucky Beauty State Board certified studied hours to Indiana are as followed:

  1. If you are licensed in State Board of Kentucky, you can request KY State Board to transfer your license record over to State Board of Indiana – you can get your transferred Indiana license
  2. If you completed the KY state board credited hour but NOT YET LICENSED IN KY, you can request KY State Board to transfer your hours’ record/transcript over to State Board of Indiana – your hours and transcript will be validated and aligned to Indiana requirement. In most cases, you will have to attend some hours at Indiana school before you can take the Indiana State Board licensed examination to be licensed.
    • KY transfer hour students have to complete the practical exam at an Indiana school and be made eligible for the licensure exam through the same school as well.
      • Yes – Indiana school provides state board examination too.


Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber :

Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber – Manicurists (Nail Technician – Reciprocity (Transfering) of certified hours/license application and info

Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber – Beauty Esthetician – Reciprocity (Transfering) of certified hours/license application and info

Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber – Cosmetologist – Reciprocity (Transfering) of certified hours/license application and info

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners
State Board of Funeral and Cemetery Service

402 W. Washington St., Rm. W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Office: (317) 234-3031
Fax: (317) 233-4236

Louisville Beauty Academy (LBA) + Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) – Collaboration to enable LBA students to get JCTC College Associate Degree Credit – 01-01-2020

As of January 01, 2020, Louisville Beauty Academy students will have an opportunity to receive college credit for the associate degree at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) as he/she complete training of Cosmetology program, passed KY state board examination and become licensed as a professional cosmetologist. The total qualified JCTC college degree credit is 48 for Cosmetologists.

COS 114: Cosmetology I, 6-1 14 credit hours
COS 116: Cosmetology II, 6-2 14 credit hours
COS 218: Cosmetology III, 6-3 14 credit hours
COS 222: Cosmetology Review 6 credit hours
Total: 48 credit hours

Two schools (Louisville Beauty Academy and Jefferson Community Technical College) are working toward an opportunity to also provide similar college credit for other shorter programs such as Nail Technology and Esthetic.

“All these are for the good of our students. We are collaborating to enable our students to have accessibility to more than simply licensed trade/skill”, said Di Tran CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy. “We are very excited to have Telly Sellars, Ed.D. Dean of Technical Education and his assistance to realize this idea; for that we thank him deeply”, Di Tran continued.

Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky Jenean Michelle Hampton – Awarded Kentucky Colonel to CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy CEO – 09-29-2019

Kentucky Colonel Award to Louisville Beauty Academy – 08-29-2019 – Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Thanks to our Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky Jenean Michelle Hampton for granting us such a recognition which is beyond our dream.

Thanks to our most passionate and caring instructors and hardworking students for all your efforts in making differences in our community. We only wish to help more people.

Louisville Beauty Academy CEO – Di Tran as Kentucky Colonel 08-29-2019
Lt Governor of KY – Jenean Hampton – Twitter Post about Di Tran – 09-18-2019

Louisville Beauty Academy – The 2nd highest demand program – Beauty Esthetic

Louisville Beauty Academy number one demand program is the Nail Technology program; which is the shortest, highest demand in the beauty market of Kentucky, and the most affordable. Nail Technician program is only 450 hours, that equals to 2.5 months if the student does 30-40 hours per week in attendance.

The second highest in demand in both Kentucky beauty market, as well as student attraction, is Louisville Beauty Academy beauty esthetic program. Beauty esthetic program is required for 750 hours, that equals to 4.5 months if the student does 30-40 hours per week.

The third highest in demand are the Cosmetology program in Louisville Beauty Academy. This program cost the most, takes the longest of 10 months that equals to 1500 hours, and requires a lot more commitment from our students. Be prepare to map out both your financial and life situation before committing to thing lengthy program of 10 months, is what Louisville Beauty Academy would recommend to each of school prospect.

Once you are ready to commit to any of our beauty programs, you can always review the Louisville Beauty Academy enrollment procedure below to do our online enrollment, and plan for an onsite tour at our school location of 1049 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40204.

Louisville Beauty Academy – 2 years anniversary – Ribbon Cutting + Networking – Led by GLI – 08-27-2019 12:30 pm

I, Di Tran would like to invite you to our school, Louisville Beauty Academy 2 years anniversary ribbon cutting and networking event on Tuesday 08-27-2019 12noon-2pm. The ribbon-cutting event will happen at 12:30 pm for 5-10mins and be led by GLI (Greater Louisville Inc). The whole time is for lunch and networking. Light lunch and drink will be provided. 

Your attendance would be an honor to us as a small business in Greater Louisville, and a small part of our immigrant and Vietnamese Community of Louisville.  

It was very nice meeting you both today. I look forward to learning from both of you more in the future and help to empower our community further. 

Louisville Beauty Academy is celebrating 2 years anniversary with the accomplishment of 200+ student enrollments and 150+ graduates who are passed in state board exams, licensed and placed in employment. We are passionate, focused and working hard to empower more lives in the Louisville community by enabling low income, immigrant and homeless community people moving from unemployment to employment via beauty educations (cosmetology, beauty esthetic, and nail technology programs).

Louisville Beauty Academy – Recognized as the most affordable beauty school/college in Kentucky – 2019-2020

Louisville Beauty Academy – Recognized by as the most affordable esthetic program in Kentucky. We are the most affordable and flexible school in Kentucky for all beauty programs.

Louisville Beauty Academy is the most affordable, low cost or lowest priced school in Kentucky for 2019 to 2020
Louisville Beauty Academy – Lowest Priced Programs 2019-2020 in Kentucky – Ribbon