Shelby County Public School and Louisville Beauty Academy - Partnership

Shelby County Public School + Louisville Beauty Academy – Partnership – Exposing High School Students to Skilled Trade – Beauty Industry

Shelby County Public Schools

According to Ramirez-Castro and Valenzuela, the majority of high schools students are not being informed about career opportunities in Skilled Trade such as construction or beauty. Beauty services fulfill the basic needs of hair, nail, and skincare. Construction fulfills the basic needs of living and working space and facilities. Anything that is related to the basic needs of humanity is an ON-GOING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, that can more often than not generate or cultivate new small business owners.

On November 19, 2021, Louisville Beauty Academy and Shelby County Public School in Kentucky are collaborating and taking a step closer together to address this skilled workforce gap, by exposing Shelby County Public School high school students to beauty industry trade, and skills.


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