Celebrating a Milestone: Senate Bill 14 Signing and a Call to Advocate for Inclusivity

As Louisville Beauty Academy, a Kentucky State-Licensed Beauty College, stands at the forefront of bringing the latest updates on laws and regulations related to the beauty industry in Kentucky, the academy is committed to teaching students about the importance of law, safety, and sanitation. Today, they are excited to share the hottest and latest news with the community. The academy urges all community members to self-advocate for their rights and join forces to bring their voices to the table.

On June 3, 2024, the Kentucky State Capitol buzzed with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. Community leaders, business leaders, advocates, beauty industry professionals, licensees, students, and supporters gathered to witness a historic moment—the signing of Senate Bill 14 by Governor Andy Beshear. This event marked a significant milestone, celebrating the power of collective effort and the unwavering support from everyone involved.

A Testament to Collective Effort

The journey leading to the signing of Senate Bill 14 was one of dedication, resilience, and unity. Over the past year, hundreds and thousands of individuals came together with a shared goal: to improve beauty industry licensing, ensuring safe, sanitary, and professional services for the community. This celebration is not just about the passing of a bill but a recognition of the hard work and determination that brought this moment to fruition.

The relentless advocacy included:

  • Over 20 meetings with 100+ nail technicians, estheticians, cosmetologists, instructors, and community members.
  • Peaceful protests in challenging weather conditions to raise awareness.
  • Thousands of emails and letters sent to legislators and officials.
  • Extensive media coverage, both national and local.
  • Four new board members appointed to the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology, with the anticipation of adding the first nail technician and esthetician in history.
  • The first Asian woman appointed to the board.
  • Ongoing discussions about multi-language licensing exams, showing promising prospects.
  • Increased awareness and unity in the beauty industry, advocating for fair treatment by the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology.
  • Garnering support from thousands of licensees and community members nationwide.

These efforts led to unanimous support for Senate Bill 14 at every stage, a law primarily written to protect the beauty industry and ensure fair legal procedures for all licensees, salons, and schools. The law, effective in July 2024, also adds two new seats for a Nail Technician and an Esthetician to the board, expanding it to a 7-member board.

A Call for Continued Advocacy

While celebrating this significant achievement, it is crucial to remember that the work is not done. The Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology has not had a representative from the Louisville community for over 20 years. As the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville deserves representation on the board to ensure fair and inclusive governance.

For the two newly added seats for a Nail Technician and an Esthetician, Louisville Beauty Academy urgently calls on everyone to write letters to Governor Andy Beshear’s office, nominating themselves or others who are licensed nail technicians and estheticians from Louisville. The Governor’s office can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected].

The academy’s leadership, such as Di Tran, a Kentucky State Licensed Nail Technician with over 20 years of experience and a state-licensed Nail Technician instructor, urges the community to take this opportunity seriously. Nominations can include themselves, others they know best to serve, especially from Louisville.

Current Board Members:

  • Kerry Harvey, Chair – Consumer
  • Mickey Hobbs, Salon Owner
  • Lindsey Morgan, Salon Owner
  • Vacant, Nail Technician
  • Joni Upchurch, Technical Education
  • Lianna Nguyen, School Owner
  • Vacant, Esthetician

For more details, please visit the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology website.

In Closing

The academy extends heartfelt thanks to God, to each individual involved, to the state, and to the beautiful city. They appreciate the love, care, and relentless efforts put forth for each other and the small business community. This victory is a testament to what can be achieved together, but it also highlights the importance of continuing advocacy for an inclusive and fair government.

Let’s celebrate this achievement, but more importantly, continue to push for the representation deserved. Involvement and support remain as crucial as ever in ensuring a fair and inclusive governance structure for all.

Louisville Beauty Academy is also delighted to share this news, dedicated to staying up to date with the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology and beauty laws at both the state and federal levels. This achievement underscores their commitment to excellence and compliance, ensuring the community benefits from the highest standards of beauty education and practice.

Disclaimer: Louisville Beauty Academy does not endorse or support any specific candidates for the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology. All information shared is for informational purposes only. All inquiries regarding Kentucky state laws or regulations should be directed to the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology at [email protected].

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment. Together, a brighter, fairer future for the beauty industry and the community can be created.

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