Louisville Beauty Academy (LBA) + Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) – Collaboration to enable LBA students to get JCTC College Associate Degree Credit – 01-01-2020

As of January 01, 2020, Louisville Beauty Academy students will have an opportunity to receive college credit for the associate degree at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) as he/she complete training of Cosmetology program, passed KY state board examination and become licensed as a professional cosmetologist. The total qualified JCTC college degree credit is 48 for Cosmetologists.

COS 114: Cosmetology I, 6-1 14 credit hours
COS 116: Cosmetology II, 6-2 14 credit hours
COS 218: Cosmetology III, 6-3 14 credit hours
COS 222: Cosmetology Review 6 credit hours
Total: 48 credit hours

Two schools (Louisville Beauty Academy and Jefferson Community Technical College) are working toward an opportunity to also provide similar college credit for other shorter programs such as Nail Technology and Esthetic.

“All these are for the good of our students. We are collaborating to enable our students to have accessibility to more than simply licensed trade/skill”, said Di Tran CEO of Louisville Beauty Academy. “We are very excited to have Telly Sellars, Ed.D. Dean of Technical Education and his assistance to realize this idea; for that we thank him deeply”, Di Tran continued.