Louisville Beauty Academy – The 2nd highest demand program – Beauty Esthetic

Louisville Beauty Academy number one demand program is the Nail Technology program; which is the shortest, highest demand in the beauty market of Kentucky, and the most affordable. Nail Technician program is only 450 hours, that equals to 2.5 months if the student does 30-40 hours per week in attendance.

The second highest in demand in both Kentucky beauty market, as well as student attraction, is Louisville Beauty Academy beauty esthetic program. Beauty esthetic program is required for 750 hours, that equals to 4.5 months if the student does 30-40 hours per week.

The third highest in demand are the Cosmetology program in Louisville Beauty Academy. This program cost the most, takes the longest of 10 months that equals to 1500 hours, and requires a lot more commitment from our students. Be prepare to map out both your financial and life situation before committing to thing lengthy program of 10 months, is what Louisville Beauty Academy would recommend to each of school prospect.

Once you are ready to commit to any of our beauty programs, you can always review the Louisville Beauty Academy enrollment procedure below to do our online enrollment, and plan for an onsite tour at our school location of 1049 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40204.